Boilers Beat Hoosiers

Dee Dee Williams and Chelsea Jones try and shut down the middle

I could have come up with a catchy title, but I just like reading that one. I hope I get to use it again in about a week and a half. Today the Boilers came out and set the tone early again Indiana. They came out of the gate playing tough defense. They used some key turnovers to take an early 11-2 lead. Drey Mingo was a huge part of that run scoring seven points including a nice rebound, put back, and foul shot for a three point play on the first possession. Drey finished the game with sixteen points, and had a very good day. Continue reading

Minnesota Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from today’s game. I really thought that I did not get any good ones when I left the stadium. I missed the near dunk by Lew, and a couple of nice ones of JJ because I was cheering for some reason. I found a few I liked though so here they are.

The Purdue flag is waived before the start of the game

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Check Me If I’m Wrong Bade

After seeing this picture last week I really hoped I would see it again this week. I was not disappointed.

To think that I almost missed this game. I spent most of the week with the flu, and considered using my ticket to the Valpo game against Butler just to have a little easier day. If I had done that I would have missed the breakout game for Patrick Bade. Maybe breakout is too strong of a word to use for what he had today, but he did have a good game. The referees seemed to be on loan from the WWE so Coach Painter put in Patrick Bade to even things up. He only had two points, but he just seemed to be in the middle of everything. I was having fun just watching him take on multiple players at a time for rebounds. He went a large part of the game without the dumb fouls that people call him out for. Late though he committed a couple of those, but for the most part played a very solid game. As he came into the game early the guy net to me said jokingly that it would be his breakout game. The running joke started to be that it actually was looking like it could have been. Bade ended the day with the two points, 5 boards, 1 block, 1 steal, 1 assist, and only 1 turnover in twenty minutes. I would like to see him have some better games, but right now would take a game like this from him every time. If anyone from the Paint Crew reads this (out of the ten’s of people that do I know that the odds are slim) what do the fist bumps for Bade mean? We had some guesses today, but curiosity is getting the better of me. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 12 Edition)

Pete trying to get rid of some varmint last year

Last week started off great for the Boilers. They had College Gameday in town, and won convincingly over Michigan State. Then Tuesday rolled around. Thankfully I had the flu and only was able to watch a few minutes of the game. Purdue has a chance to right the ship right away as Minnesota rolls into town today. The 18th ranked Gophers come into Mackey for a big game. After catching up on the Journey this week I saw where after the Boilers were beat in The Barn earlier this year JJ said that they will get the Gophers back in Mackey. I hope that he was right. Continue reading

csd Flashback: 2/17/2010 Purdue @ Ohio State

The view from my seats in the nosebleed section

Last year everything fell into place for me, and I was able to go and see a great game in Columbus, Ohio. At the time Purdue was ranked fourth and Ohio State was ranked ninth. Evan Turner was in the midst of becoming a God for the Ohio State fans. He had singlehandedly beaten Purdue a few weeks earlier with a huge second half. The Buckeyes despite having a top ten team had to offer a special promotion to get fans in the door. If I remember right it was something like two tickets for $27. I got to the game early, but still had to park very far away. Once I got in I kept wondering when the fans were going to show up. Even as the game started the lower bowl was still relatively empty. I planned to move lower once the game started. Of course the fans started coming in after the tip so I was stuck in my seat. I can’t believe that fans would not get to the game in time for the tip between two top ten teams. Maybe the odd parking situation had something to do with the latecomers. Continue reading