Breaking the Big One

My photo gallery from the football game yesterday.

Dave Wegiel Photography

Photo of the Day

Early in the Purdue game yesterday Akeem Hunt finally broke the big run. He is one of my favorite players to photograph in the open field because of the angles he runs with. He always seems to be in a great position to make a picture. Yesterday he took off on a 62 yard touchdown run. As Hunt ran closer to me the 300mm I was shooting with became too much. Earlier in the day I purposely shot a basketball game with just the 300mm to try and break my bad habit of needing the entire body in the frame. Here it seemed to work out. By not tilting to get the whole body in I captured a Purdue coach in the bokeh cheering Hunt on. This is one of my favorite images of the year.

Bonus Pictures

Here are some pictures from the game yesterday…

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