Hurt So Good

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be at the Sox game against the Yankees. I normally would not have gone, but it was Frank Thomas day so I wanted to be there. I found a ticket late Saturday night on StubHub that was too good to pass up. I didn’t realize how good until I walked down to my seat. I thought I was in row fourteen. I was in row fourteen, but row thirteen was in the United Scout Seat section. I had a great view of the ceremony as you can see. I really liked the backdrop of the above picture. Frank was very emotional during his speech, but it had to be a hard thing to do. I am sure in his mind he could still be playing. I am sure all of this will have sunk in when they unveil his statue next season. If they have him batting his back leg better be off the ground. Continue reading

Mannywood Meet Pauliewood

According to multiple reports it appears that Manny Ramirez is now a member of the Chicago White Sox. The Sox could use a DH that can hit the ball. Hopefully Manny can provide a spark over the next month or so. No word yet on if the Sox are sending anyone to the Dodgers in return. Continue reading

White Sox Finally Score Some Runs, Can’t Stop the Yankees

Yesterday I went to the Sox game to see the boys take on the Yankees. John Danks was pitching against C.C. Sabathia. I really thought that we were going to see a pitching duel. What we saw was Johnny Danks giving up runs. He gave up eight runs and put the Sox in a hole that they couldn’t get out of. The day started off much better than it ended though. My brother and I went to the game early to watch batting practice. I had my mitt and he didn’t so I thought that I had a pretty good chance to get a ball before he did. We stopped in right center where I usually stand to try and get a ball. After a couple of near misses Derek Jeter hit a ball that popped off some hands in the first row, and right in front of my brother. He reached over the seat to pick it up, and was ahead 1-0. That is the only ball that we got on the day, but he later gave it to me as a birthday present. Continue reading

Great Seats, Bad Result

I have been busy since since Wednesday night so I have not had a chance to post about the game yet. We had great seats three rows back from the White Sox dugout for the 25th anniversary of my first game on the 25th. I thought that it would be a great night that perhaps Andruw Jones who wears the #25 for the Sox would help make it memorable by hitting a homer, or otherwise helping the Sox win. Sadly he went 0-3, and the Sox lost 4-2. They had a great chance in the ninth to tie up the game with a two out rally, but it was too little too late. Sometimes the outcome of the game can enhance the fun, but it does not determine how I think of the day. We had a great time watching the game from a new perspective. Continue reading

My First Time

Twenty five years ago today my father took me to my first baseball game. By the time I first set foot inside Old Comiskey Park I was already a baseball junkie. The great finish by the 1983 White Sox helped get me started. Seeing the team at the winter caravan which came to my town that off season really started me loving this team. I even won one of the door prizes which was an autographed ball by Minnie Minoso, Mike Squires, Ron Kittle, The Hawk, and Ribbie and Rubarb. 1984 was the first year that I started collecting baseball cards as well. Of course all of the cards that I really wanted had White Sox players on them. My summer was spent watching the White Sox on a small black and white TV that got WFLD in good enough to watch. This was in the days of rabbit ears and dials helping you fine tune a station. If you would have asked my nine year old self what the term HD I would have told you heavy duty. Just a couple of days before I turned nine though my father took me to see Comiskey Park which was in its 75th year. I normally will not post pictures that are not my own, but since I did not have a camera that day I had to make due with other peoples. Things will be back to normal tomorrow though. Continue reading

A Hard Days Night

Yesterday the Railcats dropped the last game of their homestand 5-3 to the Rockford Riverhawks. I got to the game in the seventh inning so I really have no idea how any of the runs were scored. My impression though was that the Railcats seem to have the same bat supplier that the White Sox have. Strangely though I did not go to Gary to watch a baseball game yesterday. Continue reading