Harrison vs. Hamilton Southeastern Photo Gallery

With a new lens I tried some different things tonight. I never put my big lens on opting instead to try and keep things close to me. I really liked the results that I got. I could keep my shutter speed high doing this, and I think the pictures came out much better. I also shot the game entirely in manual mode. I usually shoot in shutter priority so that I only have to worry about one aspect of the picture. Tonight I went full manual, and it worked out pretty well. Here are a few that I liked for one reason or another:

Now I know where Eric Taylor wound up after he left Dillon

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Gary Harris Finds the End Zone, Tom Crean Can’t Find Gary

Matt Painter had no trouble finding the field tonight

As I said before I picked up a new lens for my camera after work tonight so I decided to head to a football game to try it out. I really had every intention of checking out a game at a new stadium. I knew that Lafayette Harrison was in town so I took off that way. I really had no idea who they were even playing until I saw Matt Painter standing near the players entrance to the field. I looked at my program and sure enough #4 Gary Harris was playing for Hamilton Southeastern. I was talking to some members of the Royals staff during the game, and I found out that Tom Crean was supposed to be at the game, but had not shown up yet. Later on I found out that he had gotten himself lost on 52. I am sure that some nice Boiler fans gave him great directions. I left at halftime with the score 35-0 HSE so I never did find out if Crean made it to the game. Continue reading

Central Catholic vs. West Lafayette Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures that I liked from last night’s great game. The one that makes me sick comes near the end of the gallery. Danny Anthrop made a great run for his second touchdown of the night which included a nice leap over a couple of players. I got the shot, but had my camera set up wrong after taking some pictures during a timeout. I guess you learn a little each time you shoot, and I learned that you have to always check your camera settings.

The coaches talk prior to the big game

The drum at the stadium

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Central Catholic Takes One Away From West Lafayette in a Battle of #1′s

This was a hard fought game all the way through

With nothing else to do tonight I grudgingly drove back to Central Catholic’s field to watch the game between #1 Central Catholic and #1 West Lafayette. Who am I kidding? When I realized that I would be in town this weekend I knew that I would be at this game. Two of the top schools in the state going head to head is not something to miss. When they are on opposite sides of the town that you live in you have to go. Continue reading

The Danny Anthrop Show

Danny Anthrop finds himself all alone on his way to an electrifying punt return

Tonight I continued my tour of West Lafayette high school stadiums with a trip to see Central Catholic play. Being an hour and a half away from home it really doesn’t make sense to drive that far to watch a high school team play. Instead I thought that I would check out a couple of the many schools in my area. Tonight I went across the bridge to see Purdue commit Danny Anthrop and his Central Catholic Knights. Going to the game Anthrop was the only player that I knew on the Knights. I remembered some of the Rensselaer players from seeing them at West Lafayette a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading

Friday Night Lights

A great run by one of the Rennsellaer running backs Friday night

There is something about going to a high school football game that I love. There is a smell that you start to get as you near the stadium. Part of it is the hot dogs and popcorn that the parents sell at the concession stands. The other part has to do with the smells of the field. I have really missed that this fall so far. With everything going on and being so far from my hometown team I have not attended a game yet. Last night I thought it would be nice to try one. West Lafayette plays their home games less than a mile from my apartment. Why not finally get out and see a game? Continue reading

Game Preview: LaPorte Slicers @ Penn Kingsmen

I have not been to many Slicer games this year. Things have gotten in the way. I may have to travel to Mishawaka tomorrow night to see the Slicers take on Penn. This is the second time in two years that the teams have met for the sectional title. LaPorte took the first one, but they were a record setting team that was on its way to history. This year’s team is a little different. They have had setbacks all season long. Those setbacks led to a regular season that saw just one win. Well in two weeks of sectional play they have already doubled that total. Can they pull off the major upset and win tomorrow night? Sadly I don’t think so. I think that they are outmatched on paper. Thank God that games are not played on paper. The weather may be a factor, and I think that a cold rain is just what the doctor ordered.

My Prediction: Slicers 34 – Penn 30
Here is how I did lasts week:
Last week 3-3 (7-5 in 2008)
Purdue 12 – Michigan 20 (L)
Central Michigan 31 – Indiana 21 (W)
Michigan State 38 – Wisconsin 21 (w)
Minnesota 23 – Northwestern 17 (L)
Iowa 35 – Illinois 10 (L)
Bonus Pick: LaPorte 28 – South Bend Adams 27 (W)

This week I am just going to go with one bonus pick. The matchup between the Spartans and the Boilers. I am picking Purdue. That way my season record will be an even .500 after the two losses.

Purdue Boilermakers 30 – Michigan State 28
Here it is Friday afternoon, and I just realized that the Packers and the Vikings play this week. I guess that I have to pick that one too. Here goes.
Packers 24 – Vikings 10

Game Preview: Purdue 2-6 (0-4) v. Michigan 2-6 (1-3)

This is a hard game to call. Michigan is down. Way down. We should be able to mop the floor with these guys. The only problem with that is the fact that we are way down as well. Michigan is getting beat, but at least they are scoring points. We are not scoring. Maybe the Michigan defense is what we need to get better. We just need to score to win. The defense is playing alright. They are not dominating, but they are getting the job done. Last week we managed to put six points on the board. Granted we had a quarterback that did not know the offense all that well at the helm. That is no excuse for scoring six points or less in three of the last four weeks. Painter is still a question mark as of this writing. Does that really matter though. In my opinion he is a Matt C. Matt was a kid who was the star in fifth grade at my school. He was 5’7″ at that time, and towered over the rest of us. He never grew another inch, and was passed by quickly. Painter came in with talent, and if he could grow just a little he would be great. He never has really gotten any better than he was in 2005 when he took over for Kirsch. He seems like a good guy, and I wish him nothing but the best. If he is healthy I would love nothing more than to see him lead us to four straight wins. His health is the question though. After last Saturday’s game Coach Tiller questioned why he didn’t want to play in the second half. He said that most people would have played through the pain. Siller was alright at quarterback, but he did not have all the plays under his belt. He also did not look too comfortable running the offense. He did however show some great playmaking ability. If he can build on that…damn…it is starting all over again. Painter took over for Kirsch at homecoming in 2005. Maybe this is where he loses his spot.

My Prediction: Purdue 12 – Michigan 20

I can explain this score a little better here. Purdue has not been very good at scoring touchdowns so four field goals is a very likely scenario. They also have been missing PAT’s, so this is likely as well. They will be without an experienced quarterback against a team with some highly regarded players. They have not played up to expectations, but have been playing better lately. I gave Michigan 20 because of the fact that we have been holding teams down lately. Just to the point that we think that we can still win this thing, but then we just continue to shoot ourselves in the foot.
Last week I did alright with won – loss, but was way off on the scores. Maybe I can redeem myself this week. Here are my other predictions for this week in the Big Ten:

Last week 4-1 (4-2 in 2008)
Central Michigan 31 – Indiana 21
Michigan State 38 – Wisconsin 21
Minnesota 23 – Northwestern 17
Iowa 35 – Illinois 10
Bonus Pick: LaPorte 28 – South Bend Adams 27

New Week, Same Result

Due to other things coming up on Friday nights I have not been to a Slicer game yet this year. I went to the preseason scrimmage, but as I said I have not been back. I have kept up on the Slicers throughout the season though. Who would have known that they would only have one win at this point of the season? They won the first game of the year, but had to forfeit it do to having played an ineligible player. The rest of the season has been a series of close but no cigar games. They have been right in the game, but did not get the plays that they needed at the end to close them out.
The night started out badly for the Wolves. On the way out of the large wolf head one player went down, and then a pileup ensued. I thought that it would be a good omen, but as I said I have not been to a game yet this year. Both teams were trading touchdowns. Adam Harmon and Carlton Austin were carrying the loads for their respective teams. Both players going both ways. The picture to the right shows Austin taking down Harmon. Austin ended the game with 162 yards rushing, and Harmon had 80 something. They both were also playing both sides of the ball as well. I thought that this was were the game would be decided, but I was wrong. LaPorte was down a score at the half, but used a double reverse flea flicker to score on the first play out of the break. They traded touchdowns from there. The Slicers scored with three minutes left to take a four point lead. The two point conversion made it six. City then immediately scored on a long pass play. A celebration penalty pushed them back for the extra point and it went wide left keeping the score tied at 28. LaPorte then had the ball with two minutes to play with. Dustin Demuth then threw a pick that led to the Michigan City score. Demuth picked off the ball in the end zone to deny them the two point conversion. The Wolves then tried and converted an onside kick. That was the second try in a row, and it pretty much sealed the game. After time expired the Slicers lost 34-28. Another tough loss for this team. They still only have one win on the season, and travel to Portage next week. That is never an easy place to win.