Klein Leads Railcats to Win

Backup catcher Craig Maddux modeling the throwback uniforms

Tonight I went to Gary to see the Railcats take on the Saint Paul Saints. The Railcats were wearing throwback uniforms that were supposed to be from 1919. Well when I say throwback uniforms I mean jerseys. The pants were just a different color white. I was excited to get some pictures of these uniforms, but for some reason they just looked weird. Sometimes throwback uniforms don’t pan out. This may have been one of those times.

Adam Klein hitting his first inning double

Adam Klein gave the Railcats a 2-0 lead after two innings tonight, and the Railcats held on to win 2-1. Klein doubled to lead off the bottom of the first inning. He scored on a SAC fly by Lorenzo Scott to give the ‘Cats a 1-0 lead. In the second inning Klein knocked in Mike Rohde with a single to give Gary a lead that they would not give up. Klein was 2-3 on the night with a walk, a run scored, and the RBI. That is pretty good production out of your lead off spot. Continue reading

Gary Uses Huge First Inning to Get Past Sioux City

Chris Medina signing a baseball for me

Last night I attended my second Railcats game in as many days. As hot as it was during the day I knew that it would be a beautiful night for a ballgame. The promotion for the night was solo night. They had a cup stacking champ on hand as well as a kid dressed as a solo cup. They even had American Idol contestant Chris Medina on hand to sing a solo. I went to the game solo only to find out that it was buy one ticket get one free night. That really didn’t jive with the whole solo theme. Before the game I had Medina sign a baseball for me. I collect baseballs so I have anyone famous sign one. He laughed when I gave it to him and said that he had never signed a ball before. It is not easy to do, and he did a great job for his first time. He sang before the game, and I guess was going to leave shortly afterwards and head to Norway to perform. His current single is at #1 there. It must be quite a change to go from Gary, Indiana to Norway but that is the life of someone in the public eye. Continue reading

Railcats vs. Goldeyes Photo Gallery

I really was having fun taking pictures yesterday so I took more than I normally would. I was trying a few new things, and actually snapped a couple of good pictures in the process. Here are a few that I liked for one reason or another:

A young fan throws out one of the first pitches of the game

Carlos May shares a laugh with Brian Grening after throwing out his first pitch

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Great Scott!

Lorenzo Scott watching his first inning triple track towards the outfield fence

Yesterday I found myself back at the Steelyard for the Railcats game against the Goldeyes of Winnipeg. I was unsure of which game to see on this homestand, but the announcement that Carlos May would be at the Sunday game sealed the deal. I did not know too much about Carlos, but after reading his story I knew that I wanted to meet him.

Carlos May signing the glove of a young fan

When the Railcats have had other dignitaries signing at games you had to get to the stadium early in order to get a good spot in line. I rushed into the stadium and around the kids getting their free baseball gloves. I knew that Carlos was supposed to be in the Stadium Club in right field, but I saw no signs on my way out there. I was shocked when I saw him at a table up against the building with no line. Many people had already entered the stadium before I did, and nobody thought to get his autograph? I had him sign a ball for me, and one for a future contest on this site. I really wish I had taken some of my cards of him for him to sign. A few people trickled in and out, but nobody really seemed interesting in the former ball player in right field. That is too bad. He had a great career ahead of him before he lost his right thumb while with the Marine Reserves. He still came back and had a very good career despite losing the thumb on his throwing hand. I was happy to meet him, and since nobody was around I asked a Railcats employee if they would take my picture with Carlos. I had already taken some pictures of him so I knew that my camera was working. For some reason though whenever I stepped into the frame with Carlos the camera would show an error message. Thankfully they had a camera to take my picture with. Today during lunch I saw that they sent it to me as promised. I guess I really was meant to be behind this camera instead of in front of it. Carlos was also honored before the game, and even threw out the first pitch. It was nice to meet one of the sluggers from the Sox teams of the 70′s. Continue reading

Railcats Take Extra Time to Finish Off Wingnuts

Rusty doesn't know what happened in the ninth either

Last year I attended both kids day games at the Steel Yard. This time of the year day games are the way to go as the temperature drops quickly at night. I actually attended the first kids day game a year to the date. The next day the Railcats played fourteen innings. Today they needed twelve, but took care of the Wichita Wingnuts. Continue reading

Railcats Start the Season Off With a Bang

Fireworks over the Steel Yard after the game last night

Last night I attended Opening Night at the Steelyard. For some reason I was in no rush to get to the park. After seeing an exhibition game with around ten people earlier in the year I did not think I had to worry about a crowd. I arrived at the park about 20 minutes before the start of the game, and was shocked at the crowd. My normal parking lot was full as well as one of the first overflow lots. They were actually parking us down the street. A two block walk in most cities isn’t bad, but you could tell the fans did not like it in Gary. At the ticket window I was greeting with more long lines. I missed the pregame introductions as well as the first half inning. I found my seat on the first base line just as Gary was coming to bat. Continue reading

Should I Be Here?

I love the modification to this helmet

This was the question that I kept asking myself today while I was watching the Gary Railcats exhibition game against the Winnipeg Goldeyes. I was hustling to get to the stadium in time for the 11:00 start this morning so that I could see the first pitch. I found a great parking spot right next to a player who was in his car. Right then I started wondering what was going on. I walked up to the ticket window to get a ticket, and none of them were open, and nobody was manning the front gate. I walked in and saw that I was the only fan in the stadium. Have you ever been to a movie that you were the only one in? It is a weird feeling, but they eventually turn off the lights, and you have nobody looking at you. At the game today the players for the Goldeyes were talking to me about being the only guy in the stadium. I really started to wonder if I should have been there. Of course a few more people showed up, but the number never got above 15 fans in the stadium at any one time. The odds were good for me to get a ball. Continue reading

What Is To Become of the Northern League?

Thanks to the wonder of Twitter I learned earlier in the week that the Gary Railcats were headed to the American Association to join a group of teams that used to play under the Northern League banner. Three other teams left the Northern League with Gary to go back to the American Association. They are theĀ Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks, Kansas City T-Bones and Winnipeg Goldeyes. This leaves a cupboard that was already sparse pretty bare. Is the Northern League done? Four of the eight teams have jumped ship. Two teams the Lake County Fielders and the Rockford River Hawks left the Frontier League last season to come to the Northern League. I would think that the Frontier League might just absorb the four remaining teams into their fold. I have yet to see what will happen there. Continue reading

Explorers Exploit the Saints

Last night I made my second trip to Midway Stadium in St. Paul, Minnesota. Part two of this roadtrip brought us to the park where “Fun is Good.” The final score was not very fun though as the Saints dropped the game 10-5. The Saints are one of the best Independent League teams at drawing fans. They have all kinds of entertainment before, during, and after the game. They do everything possible to make sure you have a good time at the stadium. Unfortunately the baseball team did not get the message. They had a bad night making three errors. They made numerous other bad plays that could have been scored an error. The center fielder for instance ran to his left to catch a fly ball, only to watch it pop out of his mitt. Another sad story of the game was the pitching of Reed Dickert. He was not helped by the defense, but he gave up five runs on five hits in 2/3 of an inning. Dickert was signed by the Brewers last year and sent to high A ball. He was demoted to low A after just one start when he gave up three runs in two innings. Every pitcher has a bad night, and his bad night was the difference in the game. His inning started with another blunder by a Saints outfielder that left him with a man on second instead of nobody on and one out. Towards the end of the game we also had a couple of instances where the rain really came down. Both times though it quit almost as quick as it started, and the game was never stopped. The rain will not be a factor the next two nights.
Today we will see the sites in the Twin Cities, and then head to the Metodome to see the White Sox take on the Twins. I kept telling everyone that Gavin Floyd was going to throw a no-no, but after getting home in time to watch Jonathan Sanchez throw one last night for the Giants I would say the already slim odds of that happening got even slimmer.