Famous Lineage: Kyle Gaedele

I thought that I might try something different here. With the new host might come some changes. The first of these is the famous lineage posts. This will be where I take someone that I have seen lately, and trace them back to a famous past. Disregarding a few obvious ones I settled on Valpo baseball player Kyle Gaedele. His great uncle is the famous Eddie Gaedel Eddie changed his name for show business so you can say that they are separated by an e. Continue reading


Today Mark Buehrle did the unthinkable. He pitched a perfect game. Mark is a great pitcher, but he would be the first to tell you that he does not have overpowering stuff. Apparently it is pretty good stuff though. This is his second no-hitter in three years. The first was broken up when Sammy Sosa got on base. Mark quickly picked off Sammy so he would only face the minimum that day. I have not seen the entire game yet, but I will be watching the replay tonight on Comcast Sports Net. From what I have seen in replays the defense really helped him out. Dewayne Wise came in for his defense, and made a great catch that made that decision look genius. I don’t think that Scotty Pods has the wall presence to make that catch. I am not a huge Wise fan, but I will give him a pass today. Alexei once again made some good plays at short. He really has gotten a bad rap over at short. Hawk may have to sit out tomorrow’s doubleheader and let his vocal chords rest. He has really been getting into the Sox games lately. He feels like most Sox fans do. We know that now is the time. Another Sox fan Barack Obama called to congratulate Buehrle who took it in stride like he does everything else. Mark is fun to watch, and will probably always be one of my favorite Sox players of all time. I think we need to start getting the spot for his monument in the outfield ready.

Mark is the 18th pitcher in Major League history to pitch a perfect game. The perfect game along with a previous no-hitter puts Mark into some great company. Here are the other pitchers to accomplish the same feat: Cy Young, Adie Joss, Jim Bunning, Sandy Koufax, and Randy Johnson. That is a pretty good rotation there. Now you can add Mark to the list. Here are some other interesting facts about Mark’s game today. Eric Cooper was behind the plate for both of Mark’s no hitters. As you know all umpires have numbers, and Eric’s is #56. Mark is well known for his quick pitching, but both of his no hitters took the same time to complete. The most important fact about the game is that it put the Sox into a virtual tie for first place with the Detroit Tigers who we face starting tomorrow in a four game three day series. This should be sufficient momentum going into that series.