Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians Opening Day Photo Gallery (Part 2)

When I was writing part one earlier I really did not think that I had too many decent pictures from the actual game Friday. The seating is great to watch the game, but if you want to sit down low and take a picture it is almost impossible. The way the seats are aligned a head is almost always in the way. I did manage to get a few in though. Here are the pictures from during the game:


A secret that can only be shared between two Cabrera's

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Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians Opening Day Photo Gallery (Pregame)

I was so happy to be in warmer weather watching baseball that I took many pictures Friday. In order to keep it under control I have split the posts up a little. Today I will post pictures from the pregame activities, and tomorrow I will post the game pictures. I have many more pictures from before the game so this will get long. Here is the first of two sets of pictures from Opening Day:

A panoramic of Progressive Field before the game

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A Great Day For A Ballgame!

Bob Feller is honored as the flag is on the field in Cleveland

What is it that makes Opening Day so special? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is a sign of the end of winter. After having nothing colorful to look at for months it is amazing how great a green baseball field looks. Yesterday the first thing I did was go down as far as I could to take a look at the green grass. Inside the ballpark you have no idea how dreary it still looks outside. Another great thing about Opening Day is the optimism. For a day everyone is in first place. Even a team like the Indians who have had two straight seasons with 90+ losses can find some optimism on Opening Day. It is amazing to see the looks on people’s faces as they were waiting to get into the ballpark yesterday. For a day everyone is a kid again. That is part of what makes the day so special. I think that even the players have a sense of being a kid again. Before the game I was watching rookie Brent Morel throwing the ball up to himself and catching it while waiting for someone to play catch with. I used to do the same thing as a child, and I am sure that it was not the first time for Brent. Baseball is a beautiful game, and I am glad that it is back. Continue reading

A Tribute to Bob Feller


Bob Feller signing a baseball for me in 2005

Bob Feller was one of the true greats of the game of baseball. He started off in humble beginnings throwing a baseball at the side of his barn in Van Meter, Iowa. From that farm upbringing he came to have one of the best arms ever in baseball. He was clocked at over 100 mph several times with one unofficial reading of 107.6. I think the last one may be inflated, but he was fast. He had many nicknames, but ‘Rapid Robert’ may be the one that has persevered more than any other over the years. He was signed at 17 for one dollar and an autographed baseball. He never played a day in the minors, and played all eighteen of his Major League seasons with the Indians. He pitched an opening day no-hitter against the White Sox in 1940. I had him inscribe that feat on the ball in the above picture. He is still the only player ever to throw a no-hitter on opening day. That kind of sets the bar high for the rest of the season. That was one of three no-hitters that Bob threw in his career. Continue reading

The Long Goodbye

Yesterday was a day of goodbyes. Like the title of the post says it was a long goodbye. I chose that title from a Brooks and Dunn song because I feel a long post coming on. I will try and keep it short, but I have a feeling it will not be. Set aside some time and read along with me.

The goodbye that we know for certain is organist Nancy Faust. She spent forty years at the ballpark entertaining the crowd from her seat behind the plate. Before the game while everyone else was clambering for autographs from the players I went and said goodbye to Nancy. She was nice enough to pose for the picture above. The crowd really showed their appreciation for her throughout the game. She brought a lot to the Sox over the years, and I hope she got just as much back as she gave. Continue reading