Racing History

Today I took in my first race at the famed Red Bud Motocross track in Michigan. I have seen Supercross and Arenacross, but this is a different animal altogether. Before we went into the track I thought what I saw was big. When I got inside I realized just how big the track really was. The men who race around it are very talented, but they also must have a screw loose. They do things on a bike that most people would never dare do. There are so many blind jumps around the track that they nail at speed. I have the utmost respect for what they do, but I could never do it. Rickey Carmichael finished 2nd in the first moto, and won the second moto to win his 7th straight overall at Red Bud. He is taking a short break from racing to try out stock cars before he finishes his career in Millville, Minnesota. This was his 101st Motocross victory, and his 149th Supercross/Motocross victory. Ryan Villopoto won the lite division overall by sweeping both races.