Purdue 38 – Ball State 28

Yesterday I went to my 79th sporting event of the year. It was the tackle football game in West Lafayette between the Purdue Boilermakers and the Ball State Cardinals. Purdue won 38-28, but they showed signs of improvement. Tight End Dustin Keller showed us why he was so highly touted when he came to Purdue with a couple of great runs. Selwyn Lymon may have had his coming out party. Bryant and Orton continued to show why they are the top two receivers with each making nice plays.

The defense gave up 28 points to Ball State, but I saw a lot of things that lead to hope. We had two new corners yesterday, but they could both tackle in the open field! The linebacker play has been steady all year. They have to pick up for the lack of pressure from the line, while still picking up the slack for the DB’s. With better play by both units they should be freed up to do their own job.

Minnesota and Homecoming on Saturday. We take a 3-0 record against the Gophers. Lets go Boilers!!


3 thoughts on “Purdue 38 – Ball State 28

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