Valparaiso Crusaders Football Picture Gallery

Here are some of the pictures that I took while at the Valparaiso Crusaders home game last Saturday.

The first picture was taken with my phone from my view at the end of the half. Valpo had just scored on our end of the field, and we were getting ready to leave at the half. Continue reading

Valpo Clobbered at Home

The first leg of our football trip Saturday took us to Valparaiso to see the Crusaders take on the Marist Red Foxes. Let me first start off by commenting on a team that takes its name from a sitcom actor. I am sure that they really did not, but every time I heard the announcer give credit to the Red Foxes I laughed a little. I kept expected a player to break a long run and yell “I’m coming Elizabeth” as he was streaking down the sidelines. Continue reading