The Rail to Wrigley

Yesterday I attended the ‘Road to Wrigley’ at Wrigley Field. It seemed weird to me that the game was called the ‘Road to Wrigley.’ What road? You are playing at Wrigley. It should have been named something along those lines. It was also weird to me because I took a couple of trains to get to the game. So for me it was the Rail to Wrigley. For me that is the only way to get to Wrigley Field. I really cannot stand that drive for some reason. It also allowed me to catch up on some reading. I have been reading “When Chicago Ruled Baseball” about the 1906 World Series between the Sox and the Cubs. It was really cool to finish the book while at the stadium.
I walked into the stadium right after the gates opened wondering if I could snag a ball. I could not go to the bleachers so for some reason I just stayed right where I came in by the right field foul pole. I stood along the wall looking right down the foul line with an aisle behind me. Within minutes a ball came just to my left in the stands. I took off after it, but did not get it before it bounced. Of course it bounced straight down to where I was standing, and a kid picked it up. About ten minutes later the same thing happened. Both times if I had just stayed where I was I would have had a ball. Two kids got them instead so I guess that is okay. No balls once again though. After the first two strokes of luck nothing else was hit our way. I had no chance for a throw up with all the kids around. When I got to my seat a bird named Birdzerk threw some soft balls into the crowd. I leaned back in my seat over the railing and snagged one. I caught a ball, but it was a kids ball! I did the right thing, and gave it to the kid in front of me right away.
Speaking of my seats, they were awesome. I was ten rows behind the Cubs dugout in line with third base. Of course I took way too many pictures, but when you have that great of seats you have to. The majority of the fans were Cubs fans of course, but you would expect that with the game being played at Wrigley. The Las Vegas 51’s looked to send them home sad most of the game. Travis Snider hit a home run to lead off the second to give them the lead, and they extended it in the 5th with a triple and a groundout. The 51’s scored two more runs on the day (both on the home run), but they would not score enough to win. Travis Snider ended up with two dingers on the day. The wind was blowing straight out, but he got all of both of them.
The Iowa Cubs left the fans in suspense until the last half of the game. They got a run in the 5th on an error, and then grabbed three in the sixth. The big blast came off the bat of John-Ford Griffith. Griffith was batting fourth, and I looked at him his first two times up wondering why he was in that spot. When he hit his bomb I knew why. Other than that bomb the I-Cubs scored their five runs with help from everyone on the roster. They really seemed balanced. With the 51’s you could sense they were just trying to get back to the meat in the order. The Cubs could just do it with anyone. They ran, and did the little things. That is fun baseball to watch. Once again I took way too many pictures, and actually came up with a few good ones. Here are some of them. Maybe I will post some more in a couple of days.

Micah Hoffpauir making contact. I had a great picture of him breaking his bat, but a typical Cub fan roaming around while play is going on got in the way.

51’s Starting pitcher Marty McLeary

McLeary again. Look at that psycho look on his face!

John – Ford Griffin watching his shot

Zach Stewart dealing

Luis Rivas with a big swing

Bobby Scales watching a ball go foul