One Last Game

Dave Wegiel Photography

Kurt Freytag (46) and Kevin Pamphile (64) embrace before the Old Oaken Bucket game

Photo of the Day

Saturday I went down to Bloomington, Indiana to shoot one last football game this season. I love football, and I really am sad to see the college football season come to a close. I know that there are still games left, but for the most part it is over for me. A few emails extended it one more week for me though. The thing that I love about college football is the emotion involved. An example of that can be seen above. Seniors Kurt Freytag and Kevin Pamphile embrace just before their final game. For everyone there is a final football game. These two played theirs yesterday. You can see two men who have gone through a lot together getting ready to do it one more time. The game result was not quite what everyone wanted, but we did get to see our heroes one last…

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