Notre Dame Splits Soggy Twin Bill

Due to the weather I missed the final four innings of yesterdays Irish game against Cincinnati. The Irish decided to move the doubleheader up because of rain headed towards South Bend. It was for the best though since they gave up four runs in the ninth and lost. I did get to Notre Dame in time to see the second game though. The Irish played the last two innings of the second game in a soaking rain. That may have contributed to the two runs they gave up in the top of the ninth to tie the game up. All that did though was set up David Mills to be the hero. He hit a walk off home run to left field to win the game for the Irish. What is it with teams I like hitting walk offs lately? This could be a fun year for baseball.

Purdue Baseball

Part of my tradition every year at Purdue is to attend the spring football game, and then walk over to Lambert field to catch the Boiler baseball team. This year I left the football game a little early to check out the baseball game. The Boilers did not disappoint winning 6-4. Here are a few pictures from my day at the park.
Center fielder Jon Moore with the Co-Rec and Stars and Stripes behind him
Former LaPorte Slicer Nick Overmyer checks the signals from former Slicer and now head coach of the Boilers Doug Schreiber
Overmyer throwing the ball to first
Pitcher Matt Morgan who had a good game against the Nittany Lions.

Purdue Spring Game

As part of my looking back at what I have missed on here I will take a quick look at the Purdue spring football game that was held last Saturday. The main reason that I wanted to be at the game was to see the Miami transfer Robert Marve in Black and Gold for the first time. Of course during the spring game he wears the protective green jersey of the quarterback. It is hard to gauge anything from the game. So many players were out due to injury that you really could not see what we are dealing with. Marve still is recovering from knee surgery, but he looked good. I really like the team we will have in the fall, and look forward to seeing them start the season in South Bend. The real highlight of the day of course was all the former players who came back to campus. Over 100 former Boilers showed up including many members of the most recent Rose Bowl team. One glaring omission was Drew Brees, although they did have a large bobble head of him for all to see. For some reason though they put it next to a dumpster with loose garbage bags everywhere. Nice backdrop for pictures. Ten years ago we played in Pasadena. Maybe we can repeat that feat this season.

Mike Neal is a Packer!

Former Purdue Defensive Tackle Mike Neal was selected in the second round #56 overall in the 2010 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers. Mike was a great representative for Purdue, and I hope that he will continue that with my favorite NFL team the Packers. Sadly Mike was the only Boiler taken in the draft. David Pender and Joey Elliot were seen as outside shots to get drafted, but they will have to try and sign as free agents. The hero of the Ohio State game Brandon King has already signed a free agent contract with the Indianapolis Colts. Pender is rumored to have signed with the Eagles, and Elliot may join him in Philly or may end up in Miami.

Return of the Junkie!

Once again the Sports Junkie has taken the winter off. I have had lots of things going on, some of which you may see pop up on here in the near future. Today I was talking to a friend who suggested that maybe it was a good time to get back into the blogosphere. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do on here. You would have thought that since 2006 I would have done that. I tend to get off topic at times, and that really makes it tough to post on the blog all the time. For now I will be back to posting on the sports that I love. White Sox baseball will of course be the focal point this summer. I am sure that I will take a few trips to various ballparks, and I will chronicle those. Since my last post in December I still watch sporting events as if I will be writing about them on here. That has been ingrained in me. Now I will finally get back to posting my thoughts on here. Over the next few weeks I will probably slowly catch up on a few of the highlights of the last five months that I have not been on here. I have had a blast. For now though I think we will just take things as they come.