Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 2

Although the second half did not turn out as I would have hoped here are the pictures from the final two plus quarters of Saturday’s game.

A Ben Chappell fumble lays on the ground. Albert Evans recovered the ball, but the play was overturned

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Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 1

Since it was the last game in a Purdue uniform for some of the seniors I decided to make this photo gallery a little bit bigger. Today is part one with pictures from the first half of the Saturday’s contest. Tomorrow I will post the second half photo gallery.

Seniors Ryan Kerrigan, Dan Dierking, Jason Werner, and Kyle Adams at the pre game coin toss

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Purdue All American Marching Band Bucket Game Photo Gallery

Part of what makes college football so much fun is the fact that the band has such a good time. I have never been able to play any kind of instrument so it amazes me how they can prepare shows so fast. How cool was it Thursday to see the band start off the Macy’s parade? The band represents the school very well at the Indy 500, and did a great job at the parade. Part of the gameday experience is following the band back to the fountain for the post game concert. Here are a few images from the day of the band in action:

The drum on the field with the Macy's logo before the game

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A Tough Day to Be a Purdue Fan

A Purdue Cheerleader trying not to throw up after the loss

If the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, than was yesterday Black Saturday? It sure felt like it as a Purdue fan. When Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500 a couple years ago I titled my post ‘A Great Day to Be a Boilermaker.’ As good as that day felt, I think I felt the other end of that yesterday. Yesterday was a rough day to be a Purdue fan for sure. First of all we played another eleven o’clock start for football. That means getting up way too early on a Saturday to make the trip to West Lafayette. Then of course the temperatures made things interesting in the stands. A few people stayed at home, and the people that came were so bundled up that they didn’t fit in their seats. The row behind me looked like a sardine can with everyone crammed into it. I have been to a couple cold games before, and realized that if you bundle up like you are going on an arctic exploration you won’t even think about the cold during the game.  Continue reading

csd Flashback: 1996 Bucket Game

All week long I have been seeing stats and other memories related to the 1996 final game for both teams. This was the first of many bucket games for me. I have seen one every other year ever since 1996. I did not see a great game for my first one though as the Boilers dropped it 33-16. This is the last time that the Hoosiers have won inside of Ross-Ade Stadium.  Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week: Purdue vs. Maryland

As I said before this is a platform for the game of the week that I am attending. By far I think that the game of the week is the Big Ten/ACC Challenge game between the Purdue Boilermakers and the Maryland Terrapins. What makes this game big to me is the fact that these are the two college teams that Drey Mingo has played for. In light of what has transpired this week I think that it is the game of the week. Both teams are at the top of the also receiving votes category of the poll. If you extend it out Maryland would be ranked 27th and Purdue 28th. I don’t know how Purdue will respond after losing on of their stars, but I would guess that they will come out firing for her. It should be a great game.  Continue reading

Twelve Seniors to Be Thankful For

On this Thanksgiving I thought that it would be the perfect time for the annual senior post. I started this last season, and I think I will keep the tradition going. This is the game that is always hardest to leave. The last football game of the season. Sure they play something resembling football in the spring, but the sparse crowd tells you that it isn’t football. The other reason I usually linger is because it is the last time you will see some of the players in a Purdue uniform. Some may go on to have careers in the NFL so you can see them play again. For the most part though this is the last time these guys will suit up to play.

No matter what you think of the players this is the day to put it aside. I can’t get out of my head how stupid some fans were in 2008 to boo Curtis Painter as he was announced on senior day. The guy is playing his last game and with his parents getting honored on the field. You want to boo him because in your mind he could have done better? If you don’t like a college athlete that badly that you can’t contain yourself please come to the game late Saturday. We really don’t need you in the stands booing college kids you think aren’t any good. These guys have sacrificed a lot in the time they have been at Purdue so treat them with respect on their final day in a Boilermaker uniform. Alright somebody help me down off this soapbox so I can finish this post. Here are the guys who will be in Gold and Black for the final time Saturday. Continue reading

Professional Pictures of Grant and Kramer

The following pictures are of Keaton Grant and Chris Kramer as they start their professional career. I thought I would word the title the way that I did because it is the only time the words professional and my pictures will ever be in the same sentence. I am a hack that gets lucky every now and then. Below are a few of the pictures that I got lucky on. I enjoyed watching these two play for Purdue. They were there at the beginning of the upswing for the school. That is why it was very cool to look around the arena Tuesday night and just about as much Black and Gold on the fans as there was Mad Ants gear. A lot of Purdue fans took the opportunity to see these guys play again. Here are a few pictures of both of them from Tuesday night:

Keaton Grant laying one in during warm ups

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Purdue Star Mingo Struck with Acute Bacterial Meningitis

Drey Mingo leaves the court with the WNIT trophy on Sunday

Just a couple of days ago I took the above picture as the team was celebrating the WNIT victory in Mackey Arena. Everything looked great for the team who was supposed to leave today for Mexico for the holidays. Apparently something took a turn for the worse in the last 24 hours. Drey Mingo who was on the all tournament team for the WNIT was struck with acute bacterial meningitis. I did not know what the disease was so I looked it up online at everydayhealth.com. Here is a brief summary of what I found: Continue reading