Purdue vs. Eastern Michigan Photo Gallery

Yesterday I only got to see the first half of the Purdue game against Eastern Michigan. I had a wedding to attend up north so we had to get going. Luckily the game was over by the half for the most part. I was able to get a few pictures in the time that I was there. Here are some of my favorites.

The team storms the field

Purdue plays a little game of quarterback sandwich


Another shot of a quarterback sandwich

Raheem Mostert can cover kicks as well as return them. I think that he will be the guy to watch this season on kickoffs

My Facebook page follower Boiler Bill enjoying the game

When their eyes met they knew that it would end badly

I swore this was a fumble on a punt, but the play was never reviewed

O.J. Ross hurdles a fellow player to land on what I thought was a free ball

O.J. Ross picks up what I thought was a fumble. Have I mentioned that in real time this looked like Purdue’s ball?

Caleb Ter Bush lets a pass fly. He is our quarterback for the season so why can’t the fans get behind him?

Another shot of the Caleb Ter Bush pass

Crosby Wright makes a move on an Eastern Michigan defender

Akeem Shavers scores a touchdown for the Boilers

Caleb Ter Bush tries unsuccessfully to stop his pick from becoming a pick 6

Caleb Ter Bush throwing from his own end zone. Purdue had terrible field position to start a few drives, but took the ball downfield

Brandon Cottom breaks through the line on his 87 yard touchdown run















Purdue at Notre Dame Photo Gallery

Today was another tough one in South Bend for the Boilers. They really fought hard though, and I don’t think they should have their heads hung low. The score was not what the Purdue fans wanted to see, but I think we learned a lot today about this football team. This is a much improved squad that took a ranked Notre Dame team at home to the edge. I wasn’t in prime position to get pictures in row 46, but I did take a few. Here are a few pictures from the day that I liked.

The Notre Dame band has it’s pregame concert at Bond Hall

I have some ideas here, but I think a caption contest should be in order

Robert Maci can only get the shirt tail of Everett Golson

When you get your hands up good things can happen

Gabe Holmes hit as the ball goes over his head before the half

Robert Marve led the Boilers to a score just before the half

The Notre Dame band had a nice tribute to Neil Armstrong during their halftime show

After the halftime show they formed the monogram ND on the field

Sometimes you can have too many people breaking up the pass…

…because neither one gets the pick

Tyler Eifert tore up Purdue all day until he left the game due to injury

Kawann Short does not get the field goal block, but does get his helmet knocked off

Caleb TerBush gets his pass knocked down by Luis Nix

I think Brian Kelly is explaining to Golson that anyone in a red hat can take your place if you don’t step it up

Is this the last pass play in the career of Robert Marve?

















Purdue vs. Eastern Kentucky Photo Gallery

It is that time of year again. College football is upon us, and with a new lens I thought I would have some fun at the game yesterday. I thought that I would have the camera hidden most of the time with a monsoon predicted, but it turned out to be mostly dry. Here are a few pictures that I liked from the game yesterday.

I love the eyes as Akeem Shavers runs around end

You can tell that Rick Schmeig enjoys dancing with the stars by the way that he blocks opponents

Later in that same play Shavers gets around that block for a big gain

Kawann Short puts the pressure on that led to the Landon Feichter pick 6

Ricardo Allen had a very nice punt return making many EKU defenders miss

Rob Henry had a couple of nice runs before this fumble that gave EKU the ball

After the fumble Robert Marve tells the Knuckleheads to calm down everything is under control

Marve passing to the flat

The first of two blocks by KK Short on EKU kicks

KK blocking a field goal attempt

Antavian Edison for six

Sometimes football can be a game of inches

One of my favorites Cliff Avril leads the singing of ‘Shout’ before the fourth quarter

Danny Anthrop showing nice nice moves to make something out of nothing

Rob Henry passing to me?

I really haven’t been spending my time on here as much as I would have liked lately. I have been taking a picture a day for almost a year now, and that consumes a lot of my time. Here is a link to┬ámy photo a day blog if you are interested.