NASCAR 2007 Season in Review

This year was sort of a disappointment for me as far as NASCAR is concerned. Jeff Gordon dominated the entire year and has nothing to show for it. He went into the chase leading by over 300 points, and wasn’t even in first when they started the race at New Hampshire. I think something needs to be done about the current system. Gordon should get something for winning the ‘regular season’. In the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL they have division and league champs. There should be some sort of trophy for finishing first in the first 26 races. I know it won’t mean as much as the title does, but it is still something. Gordon had an amazing year. He had 30 top 10’s on the season. Think about it. In 36 races he only finished 10th or worse six times. He had a season that would probably be considered his second best behind the 1998 season. Jimmie Johnson his teammate was hot when it counted. He won four races in a row to all but lock up the chase at the end. His team reminds me of the old days when Gordon has Ray in the pits. Whatever call was made was the right one. One thing that did get to me watching the Homestead race was how the announcers kept saying that Gordon had been chasing Johnson all year. That is untrue! They love to jump on the bandwagon of the new pretty boy don’t they? If it was up to them Edwards would win everything.

Here is how I did on my pre-season predictions:
Daytona 500 Winner: My pick was Tony Stewart. He of course did not win. Kevin Harvick spoiled the day for Mark Martin by passing him at the last minute for the win.
Daytona 500 Rookie of the Race: Montoya. I really did not go out on a limb here. See rookie of the year.
Race of the Year: I picked the spring Bristol race because of the track history, and the debut of the car of tomorrow. In my opinion the race of the year was the duel between Gordon and Johnson at Martinsville.
Rookie of the Year: I picked Juan Montoya because I am a smart man. He is such a good racer it would have taken a tragedy for him not to get this.
Nextel Cup (Soon to be Sprint Cup) Champion: I picked Stewart. I really thought it would be his year. His season was summed up at Homestead when he backed the car into the wall, and then keyed the mike and said “Fix it now.” He was loose all day, and finally lost it. The team did put four tires on him so he could go back out. The actual champ. See above rant.
Big Name to Miss the Chase: Dale Jr. I was right here. I think next year will be much different though.
Surprise Driver in the Chase: I had a hard time picking between Stremme and Yeley. They both were let go from their teams so that shows what I know. Bowyer was by far the biggest surprise in the chase. He was in the hunt for quite some time.
Drivers in the Chase: Here are the drivers that I thought would be in:Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Kasey Kahne, Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, David Stremme, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Jeff Burton. I was only off by a couple. Here are the drivers that made the chase. Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Kurt Busch, Jeff Burton, Carl Edwards, Martin Truex Jr., and Clint Bowyer.

The Cup will be called the Sprint Cup next season, but that is not the sad issue. The saddest thing for me is the fact that the Busch Series will be called the Nationwide Series. This is one of the last parts of NASCAR that has not changed since I started watching. Now that is gone as well. I suppose I will just be stubborn and call it the Busch Series.

Next year I will be going to the spring race at Bristol. I haven’t been to a Cup race since 2004, and it was the spring race at Bristol. We are over 4 months away from leaving, but I am already excited. I posted a small clip I found on YouTube that I thought was pretty cool.

Dog Bites Auburn Player

One of the weirdest plays you will ever see in college football. While watching this game live I saw the Auburn player twist like he caught his hand on something. I even told the people I was watching the game with that he must have gotten caught on a camera. When the replay showed that the dog nipped him as he ran by we all started laughing. I have not heard any updates on the player, but you could see for the next few minutes that his hand was still hurting him. It looked like he ripped it away from the dog when it was in his mouth. That is never good to do, but also is the typical reaction most people would have. Anyway here is the play…enjoy!

The New BCS Standings

Here are the BCS Standings that were released today:

1. Missouri 11-1
2. West Virginia 10-1
3. Ohio State 11-1
4. Georgia 10-2
5. Kansas 11-1
6. Virginia Tech 10-2
7. LSU 10-2
8. USC 9-2
9. Oklahoma 10-2
10. Florida 9-3
11. Boston College 10-2
12. Hawaii 11-0
13. Arizona State 9-2
14. Tennessee 9-3
15. Illinois 9-3
16. Clemson 9-3
17. Oregon 8-3
18. Wisconsin 9-3
19. BYU 9-2
20. Texas 9-3
21. South Florida 9-3
22. Virginia 9-3
23. Cincinnati 9-3
24. Auburn 8-4
25. Boise State 10-2

Ohio State, Illinois, and Wisconsin are the only Big Ten teams on the list this week. Ohio State is on the doorstep of playing for the national title two years in a row. Illinios needs a couple of upsets to sneak into a BCS bowl.

Big Ten Bowl Predictions #2

With some upsets this week the opponents that the Big Ten teams have changed slightly. Here are some updated bowl forecasts.
Rose Bowl: Ohio State v. USC
Outback Bowl: Wisconsin v. Tennessee
Capital One Bowl: Illinois v. Florida
Alamo Bowl: Michigan v. Texas A&M
Champs Sports Bowl: Penn State v. Boston College
Insight Bowl: Indiana v. Oklahoma State
Motor City Bowl: Michigan State v. Central Michigan
Bell Helicopter Armed Services Bowl: Purdue v. New Mexico
Purdue is hanging on to a bowl by a thread.

BCS Top 15

Here is how the top 15 of the BCS fared this weekend.

1. LSU – Lost to Arkansas
2. Kansas – Lost to Missouri
3. West Virginia – Won against UConn
4. Missouri – Won against Kansas
5. Ohio State – Idle
6. Arizona State – Lost to USC
7. Georgia – Won at Georgia Tech
8. Virginia Tech – Won at Virginia
9. Oregon – Lost UCLA
10. Oklahoma – Won against Oklahoma State
11. USC – Won at Arizona State
12. Florida – Won against Florida State
13. Texas – Lost to Texas A&M
14. Boston College – Won against Miami
15. Hawaii – Won against Boise State

Four top ten teams, and five out of the top 15 lost this weekend. USC beating Arizona State and Oregon losing puts USC in the drivers seat in the PAC 10. It also may spell the end for Purdue in the Las Vegas bowl. The Big 12 took step one of deciding its champion as well. Oklahoma will face Missouri in the Big 12 championship game next weekend. That QB for the Tigers looked awesome tonight. The game next week should be very exciting. Tennessee won in overtime to earn the right to play LSU in the SEC championship game leaving Georgia on the outside looking in. West Virginia beat UConn at home to claim the Big East title, and give them a great shot at the national title. Hawaii needs to win next week, and they will probably get an at large berth in the BCS. The win over Boise State was the biggest hurdle that they needed to face. Ohio State is sitting idle for the next couple of weeks rooting for some more upsets. They will need Oklahoma to win in the Big 12 championship game to have a shot at the title for the second year in a row.

Big Mac’s For All!

I went to my first Notre Dame Women’s game of the year today. The last two years my tickets have been in the bleachers, but this year I am at center court very low. I really enjoyed my seats. I get a good view of both benches as well as the floor. The above picture is of the tip-off from my seats. The Irish played a great game today. They had a 14 point lead at halftime, but stretched it to 30 by the end of the game. What really made the game though is a new promotion this year. If the Irish score 88 points everyone in the crowd gets a free Big Mac. Towards the end of the game Notre Dame was close, but could not get some easy buckets to fall. They were within two with ten seconds left when freshman Brittany Mallory stole the ball and took off towards the Irish hoop. The crowd went absolutely wild cheering her on. When she made the basket it sounded like the Irish had just won the National Championship. What a great promotion that gets the crowed into the game. The #23 ranked Irish took the game 88-58 with the help of 33 turnovers by Boston College. Notre Dame really pressured the Eagles making it hard to just get the ball up the court. The Irish didn’t look perfect today, but they looked very good. This will be a fun team to watch the rest of the year. Five players finished the game in double figures. They look deep, and ready to make some noise this year.