A picture from the game that never was today at Lambert Field

Dave Wegiel Photography

Today after work I drove over to Lambert Field to see the Boilermakers take on Ball State. When I pulled up the game should have been going, but the tarp was on the field even though the rain was not coming down. While waiting for the game to start rain kept coming off and on, and the game was eventually cancelled. Just before it was called though I took this shot of several Boilermakers having some fun. Jake Hansen, Sean McHugh, and Angelo Cianfrocco were all trying out baseball in a little different way. They were playing catch with the opposite hand as catcher Kevin Plawecki was hitting them the ball. They were having a blast while at the same time waiting out the rain. For a team that is ranked in the top 10 in some polls they seem very loose. It will be fun to see them them…

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One more picture from the record setting win today

Dave Wegiel Photography

For over five years I have operated a sports blog that I kept up pretty regularly until this one really got going. It has since suffered a bit, but over the past week I really feel like I am getting back into that mindset. I have seen a few sporting events, and this blog has reflected that. I realize that my audience really doesn’t like the sports pictures as much, but this is a blog about my life in pictures over the course of a year. Tomorrow it looks like another JV baseball game is in the works, but maybe I can get a landscape picture as well.

This picture is of LaPorte native Conner Podkul as he pitches in game two of a doubleheader today for Purdue. The Boilermakers won both games allowing another LaPorte native Doug Schreiber to both tie and break the record for most wins as…

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My picture of the day site honors Jackie Robinson

Dave Wegiel Photography

Today I went to the doubleheader at Lambert Field featuring the Purdue Boilermakers and the Fighting Illini of Illinois. I had a couple of ideas for pictures, but this one came to me as I saw Willie Argo warming up just before game two. Today is the 65th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. I have always admired him for what he did for baseball so I wanted to get a shot that honored him. I have always tried to do this if I could, and the fact that Willie had on Jackie’s number made that possible. I had to shoot through a chain link fence with Willie just a few feet away, but I feel that I got the shot that I was looking for. I will probably post another picture from the game later in the day, but for now if you want to see some…

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A picture and some thoughts on today’s win against Illinois. A link to the rest of my pictures can be found at the end of the post.

Dave Wegiel Photography

Today I went to the Purdue baseball game after work. The team has been playing very well lately so I really wanted to catch some of the game today. It may be the only opportunity that I have all weekend to see them play. I shot from the side of the Boilers dugout most of the game, but I moved behind the plate late to shoot through the protective screen. Lately I have gotten better at this process to the point where I don’t think you can tell at all with this shot. You can really get some good images this way, and I had a blast back there. I have a couple of more ideas to try if I can get back to a game this week.

Today’s picture is of Boilers pitcher Joe Haase. Joe pitched a very good game today, and I thought that since I liked…

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