Boilers Use Late Surge to Claim Victory Over Middle Tennessee State

Ricardo Allen jumps into Logan Link's arms after his game ending block

All day yesterday I was singing the Purdue fight song. This morning I woke up and immediately started blasting it on my stereo. On the way to the game 93.5 here in Lafayette really seemed to know what to play to get me amped up. Everything was in place for a perfect game. That is everything but the weather. Once again I was very lucky and was given a ticket in the Shively Club to see the game. I was warm walking to the stadium, but the heat did not really hit me until I left the air conditioning of the club to take my seat. After the initial searing I would not take too long to cook. If the weather got to me just sitting watching the game you have to wonder how it affected the players. I know that they are in great shape, but that sun was hot today. The Boilermakers did a great job of not giving up and playing out the game. The heat really was oppressive today. You have to wonder what effect it had on the players. Purdue really did not seemed too focused early. Penalties and turnovers reared their ugly head again. How many third and ridiculously long situations were they in today? Continue reading

Purdue vs. Middle Tennessee State: A Non Preview Preview

Ricardo Allen getting escorted by Purdue Pete as he crosses the goal line after his 94 yard interception return last season

For the last several years I have used some of the energy that I had in anticipation of the upcoming football game to write a preview. At first it was just my thoughts on the game. Then it morphed into something that almost resembled the weekly packet that the team puts out every week. Then after failing miserably in picking a couple of games I started picking games. If you used my picks for betting purposes I am sorry. They really always were so that I had something down on paper to laugh at after the weekend was over. Continue reading