Purdue vs. VCU Photo Gallery

This will be the last photo gallery with JuJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore. It has been fun trying to capture part of their careers with my camera. Here are the last images that I will take of them in a Purdue uniform. I was in the 300 level so I had to adjust a bit to how I normally take pictures.


Smooge warming up before the game

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A Sick Feeling

JaJuan Johnson leaves the court for the last time as a Boilermaker

As I was sitting stunned in my seat at the United Center tonight I was thinking about how things had come full circle. This season ended for me exactly how it started. I remember sitting in Ross-Ade Stadium when a friend sent me a text about Robbie Hummel tearing his ACL again. Once I confirmed it wasn’t a sick joke I had a feeling in my stomach like I had been punched in the gut. Late in this game I had the same feeling once you knew it was over. They showed Rob on the jumbotron crying, and I had that same sick feeling in my gut. Combine this with the terrible way the seniors went out in football, and things get even worse. We have seen some of the best to come through Purdue this past fall with Kerrigan, and now with JJ and Smooge. None of them went out the way they would have liked. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Saint Peter’s Photo Gallery

Here are a few of the pictures that I took last night during the Purdue game. I got lucky and ended up in the Purdue section for the game. I had great seats thanks to another Boiler fan. That meant that for at least one more game I would have a good angle instead of the helicopter view. Here are some of the pictures that I liked.


The Peacock gets on TV, and all he can do is put his arms in the air like he is being arrested. Did they borrow their mascot from Jimmy Buffet?

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