Boilers Win Heavyweight Matchup with Northwestern

I missed most of the first half Sunday of the game at Mackey between Purdue and Northwestern. I got to the game in time to see the last few minutes of the first half. I had been listening to the game on the radio so I felt that I had a fairly good idea of what was going on. What I didn’t gather from the radio though was how physical the game really was. On the broadcaster Jane Schott was having some fun at the expense of center Amy Jaeschke. For a player that plays as physical as she does I guess she was having some trouble with her knee. By the time I got to the game I did not really see any of that. Jaeschke was really playing a rough game under the basket. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Northwestern Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from yesterdays game. As I was going through them I realized that most of them involved JaJuan Johnson or E’Twuan Moore. That is not usually the case, but when the two combined to score 50 points on the day that would be the case. They were just too big a presence on the court not to get in a few shots.

Yes Paint Crew I have heard, and I like the signs

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Smooge Drops the Ball on Northwestern

Smooge driving in the second half against Northwestern

After watching way too many ads for the new Tron movie I thought that the title for this post was going to be Twaun: Legacy. Somewhere around Monon on the way home I thought that a New Year’s reference would sound better. This title fits exactly what E’Twaun Moore did today. He came out on fire to give Purdue an early lead, then just kept scoring. He finished the day with 31 points which tied his career high. He also pulled down seven boards, had three assists, a block, and two steals. That great day helped carry the Boilers to the 82-69 win. Continue reading

Leaders and Legends

Since shortly after Nebraska joined the Big Ten we knew that there would be two divisions. We also knew what teams were in each division. One thing that we didn’t know though was the name of each division. Today the names were announced at a press conference held at noon. Since I was snowed in with the authorities writing tickets for being on the road I had nothing better to do than to watch the press conference and then post about it. The announcement did not seem to go over too well through the few people I saw comment about it via the social networks. I think that over time people will get used to some of these ideas. After the Wrigley debacle though they had to be nervous about how the public would take this decision. No new rule changes were announced during the half hour show. So far all games next season will feature teams switching sids at the quarters and playing both ways. Continue reading

Northwestern vs. Illinois Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures that I took during the game Saturday in Wrigley Field. Of course most of the action was going away from me, but what can you do?

Northwestern kicker Stefan Demos starts the game off

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