Five Long Years!

Five years ago today I started this little blog. It started as a way for my friends to track my progress on a bet that I could/couldn’t attend 100 sporting events in a year. The events had to be college or pro to count, and having a full time job made it a tough task. I started this site when I was about 2/3 of the way done. I had just bought a new camera, and I wanted to show off a few of the pictures that I took.

Kory Sheets diving for a touchdown against Ball State

My first real post was on the Ball State game at Purdue. I only included one picture, but it is one of my favorites still. The picture shows Korey Sheets reaching out while being tackled to score a touchdown. I had no idea what any of the buttons did on my camera at the time, but I did manage to get the shot. Continue reading

Valpo vs. Ball State Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures finally from Tuesday nights game. I only took them when Valpo was on offense on my side of the court, and actually put my camera down to enjoy the second half. The funny thing is that I actually seem to see more when looking through my lens.

Brandon Wood looks like he is cutting this one a little close

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Crusaders Wear Down Cardinals

Erik Buggs brings the ball up the floor

Last night I had a ticket to the Valpo game against Ball State in my hands so I decided to make the short trip to Valpo. The ticket was part of the package I bought in order to get into the Purdue game. I agree with Valpo trying to get the most out of the game, but I would have liked a choice of the games in the package. This is the only one I think that is on a day that Purdue does not have a game. Most of the time the games are at the same time. Continue reading

Purdue – Ball State Picture Gallery

I have some decent pictures from the past week that didn’t make it into yesterdays recap that I thought I would just post them today. Here are eleven that I thought I were pretty cool.

Above is one of the great things about college football. The band really adds to the gameday experience, and one of the great parts about gameday at Purdue is watching the drum majors take the field. Here drum major Aurie Swartz gets the day kicked off.

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Who Needs a Running Back?

Purdue 24 – Ball State 13

Yesterday the Boilers started the game with about half a running back. Ralph Bolden and Keith Carlos are out for most of the season. Al-Terek McBurse was ruled out of the game with a turf toe injury. Our favorite Dan Dierking was a game time decision because of bruised ribs. What that left was a few receivers who had to carry the load out of the backfield. This comes the week after All Big Ten receiver Keith Smith was lost for the year with a knee injury. Depth is definitely a concern right now for the Purdue skill players. True freshman O.J. Ross and sophomore Antavian Edision took the majority of snaps at running back. Ross who is shown above was the guy I thought would be an impact player with Keith Smith being out. He caught a 36 yard swing pass early in the game to give Purdue the early lead. Both players added some speed to the Purdue backfield. They seemed to be able to easily get the corner. Of course the defense knew that the inside run was probably not a possibility with these little guys in the backfield. To make matters worse quarterback Robert Marve was injured on a fourth and two play that added a little drama to the day. From what has come out so far Marve called the play on his own. He sat out much of the second half with a heavy ice wrap on his knee. Continue reading

Game Preview: Purdue v. Ball State

Well I really don’t know what to expect from the Boilers this week. Their defense seems to have some holes in it, and the offense has not really clicked just yet. Purdue should roll over a Ball State team like this one. I think the game will turn out much like last week’s. Danny Hope could have focused his players this week so that they are not embarrassed by the other team scoring first. I still don’t know how Western Illinois had the lead on the Boilers. This is the first of two straight games Purdue plays against MAC teams. When October rolls around we should have a pretty good idea of what the rest of the season will hold for the Boilers. Continue reading