LaPorte Slicers 21 – Valparaiso Vikings 17

Will the real Slicer offense please raise their hand? Oh there you are. The Slicers looked very good at times tonight running the ball down the throats of the Vikings. They also stalled for a couple of quarters before coming through in the end to seal the win against Valpo. Both Bryce Holland and Carlton Austin had good days against the Valpo defense. Holland had what I would guess to be a career day. He broke some big runs tonight, and refused to be brought down. Not to be outdone Austin had some tackle breaking runs as well. The defense played well when it had too, but let the draw and shovel pass to the fullback get them. They still held a quality DAC opponent in the end to bring LaPorte to 2-1 on the season, and 1-0 in the DAC. This game was far from the shootout that I expected, but I will take the W. Sarkisian looked good for Valpo, but his receivers did not help him out. They dropped a lot of passes some of which were sure scores. LaPorte will travel to Chesterton (3-0) next week.

Game Preview: #16 Valparaiso Vikings vs. #14 LaPorte Slicers

Both of these teams come into the game 1-1, but the records can be deceiving. The Vikings lost a close game to Penn in week one, and won a shootout with Gary Roosevelt last week. The Slicers started the season with convincing win over New Prairie. They then got beat down last week by Mishawaka 34-0. The teams are only separated by one team in the coaches poll. That team is Mishawaka. It just goes to show you what the polls can tell you about a matchup. This game will come down to how well DeMuth can perform under pressure. If he and his receivers cannot connect the Slicers are in for a long day. Mishawaka showed everyone that stopping Austin will stop LaPorte. Hopefully adjustments have been made to counter that. The Viking defense does not look all that solid so maybe this game can be a confidence builder for Dustin.

Last year the Slicers won one of the most exciting high school games that I have been to. There were a couple more that topped this game during the 2006 season, but this was a great game. The Slicers won 57-56 in double overtime. Matt Mizia caught the touchdown, and the extra point that won the game for LaPorte. Let’s hope we can see some more excitment on Friday night.

My Prediction: Vikings 49 – Slicers 42

This Year: 1-1

Game Preview: #8 LaPorte Slicers @ Mishawaka Cavemen

I am going to the Sox game tomorrow night so I will have to get my prediction in early this week. On Friday night the Slicers travel to Mishawaka to face the Cavemen. Last fall the Slicers faced Mishawaka in the first round of sectionals. With the history of our program I was worried about the outcome. We came out swinging, and by halftime the game was out of reach. We were up 35-0, and had not given up a first down. We ended up winning the game 51-21. One bad note on the game was the Cavemen defensive player who had to be drug off of the field after trying to hit a coach. That is the class that I remember from my playing days. I don’t think we will have it this easy on Friday night. We are rebuilding, and have a sophomore quarterback playing his first road game. I do think that we will win on the back of Carlton Austin though. DeMuth will have to make the most of his chances to keep Mishawaka honest.

My Prediction: LaPorte 24 – Mishawaka 17

This Year: 1-0

LaPorte Slicers 35 – New Prairie Cougars 7

Well I was half right in my prediction. I thought that the Slicers would score 35 points, but I had no idea that New Prairie would be shut down like they were. The game started great for the Slicers. New Prairie fumbled the ball on the first offensive play of the game, and David Kincaid ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. Kincaid looked to be trying out for the basketball team as he dribbled the ball into the end zone. On the next New Prairie possession they were driving down the field to tie the game when another fumble gave the ball back to the Slicers. Carlton Austin ran the ball in to make the score 14-0. New Prairie drove the ball right back down the field to get within 7, but that was as close as they would get. The Slicer defense clamped down, and did not allow another score. That defense forced four turnovers, and the offense led by a sophomore quarterback did not give up the ball. This is how I remember this rivalry, and hope that this trend will continue. The Slicers better be as ready to play next week at Mishawaka as they were tonight.

Game Preview: #5 New Prairie Cougars @ #12 LaPorte Slicers

Last year I had so much fun being wrong every week about the Slicers that I decided to do it again. For some reason the Slicers just loved making me look bad every week last year. I started doing game previews for the first meeting with Crown Point. It seemed to help me get excited for the game a little more so I kept doing it all the way up until the Semistate game against Carmel. Watching the team last year was a blast. We came into the year with low expectations after a record setting offense graduated. What we got was a great season that anyone involved will not forget for some time. This year looks much the same. Another record setting offense has come and gone, and we have the tough Duneland to get through. Time will tell if the new pieces fit the puzzle. Before the Duneland can begin though we must play a very tough New Prairie team. When I played football New Prairie was the doormat of our schedule. They beat us my eighth grade year, and it was a huge black mark on our team. Since that time New Prairie’s program has really blossomed to the point that a 3A team gives us one of our best games of the year. Last year New Prairie won the inaugural Milk Can trophy. They had a 33 point lead at the half, and the Slicers came storming back to lose 39-33. Right there you could see a lot about the Slicer team by the heart they showed that night. That heart stayed with them throughout the season. This year New Prairie comes into the contest ranked #5 in 3A. They are coming off of a great season, and will be looking to start another great year by taking down their rival. The Slicers are ranked #12 in the first poll of the season, and are looking to build on last year’s success. I think the Slicers need to shut down the option with their new defense to keep the Cougars out of the end zone. On offense Carlton Austin will need to take some of the pressure off of sophomore Dustin DeMuth. I think there are enough pieces of the puzzle left to open the season with a win. Tomorrow night at 7 o’clock we will get our first look at how this new Slicer team will stack up with the teams of the past. Good Luck Slicers!!

My prediction: LaPorte 35 – New Prairie 30

This year 0-0