Thanks For the Memories: E’Twaun Moore

I think I have already said a lot about E’Twaun in the previous post about JJ. These two seniors have been very fun to watch for four years. Tomorrow night I will see them play one last time in Mackey. Both players have had their signature moments. I think we might have seen E’Twaun’s a couple of weeks ago against Ohio State. His 38 points against the #2 team in the country was huge. On his way to 38 that night E’Twaun scored his 2,000th point as a member of the Boilermakers. I am sure that he will get a ball for that tomorrow night. I have seen a few players get their 1,000th point as a Boiler, but never 2,000. He will leave Purdue having left his mark in the record books, but the most important stat is the fact that he will be part of the duo that won the most games at Purdue. Continue reading

Thanks For the Memories: JaJuan Johnson

Four years ago I was not too sure about this skinny freshman. I had heard about how good he was, but all I saw was another Jonathan Uchendu. He was just so skinny, and I don’t relate well to either skinny players or tall players let alone both. He would throw down a monster dunk, but when you are that tall who can’t? Back then I thought his name was pronounced with the second J being used. I quickly found out that was not the case. That does not seem that long ago. Continue reading

Another Baseball Legend is Lost

Today while watching the Dodgers game on the MLB Network they announced that Duke Snider had died. “The Duke of Flatbush” was 84. He was the last big name player from the famous ‘Boys of Summer’ teams of the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was also immoritlized in the now famous song “Willie, Mickey, and the Duke.” All three of those centerfielders played in New York in the 50’s. Could you imagine one city having three Hall of Fame outfielders now? It was something truly special that brings you back to the glory days of baseball. I am not old enough to remember them firsthand so all I can do is go by what I have read and heard. It had to be a great time to be a fan of the sport, and one more hero from that era is now gone. Willie Mays is now the lone surviving member of that great New York outfield.

Valpo vs. UIC Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures I took last night at the game. I had a lot I liked so I may have another post tomorrow with the rest. These are the ones that I thought were the best though.


With March Madness so close it is always good to remember 'the shot'

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Unselfish Play Highlights Senior Night for Valpo


Brandon Wood with two points in the first half

Last night I went to the ARC to see the Crusaders on Senior Night. After the game last Saturday I had high hopes for this game. I thought that Valpo would be playing for a shot at the regular season Horizon League title. A rough week made this game meaningless as far as the standings go. That is not to say that the game was not meaningless. This was senior night so naturally the game meant a little more. With the team knowing that they would be hosting a game Tuesday in the Horizon League Tournament they knew that it would not be their final game at the ARC, but it would be special nonetheless. Continue reading

Bobby Jenks Can Close Everything But His Mouth

Bobby Jenks warming up in 2009

This site is normally reserved for my experiences observing sporting events. Every now and then something comes along that gets me fired up. The last time this happened was when Brett Favre was texting pictures of his junk to everybody. Now something else has come along that has me a little riled up.

When he came up in 2005 Bobby Jenks was such a great story. He was a player that was left for dead in the Angels organization. He came up from AA Birmingham and led the club to the World Series title. It takes guts to pitch in the playoffs like he did. He was a great pitcher for some time in Chicago. Continue reading