Purdue Lays it to the Panthers

Purdue 52 – Eastern Illinois 6

This game really was different than most games that I attend. First off I had my new seats in the stadium since I did not return my application in time. I am not in the John Purdue section, but I think that this is a good thing. The people around me actually seemed to enjoy watching Purdue football. This was also the second straight 52 point game that I attended. The game was so out of reach the whole time that we were able to enjoy the new features of the stadium. The new jumbotron is awesome. Now they just have to figure out how to use it a little better and the gameday experience will be much better. It is nice, but they will tweak it so that it is even better. The rain started coming down heavily in the second quarter to the point that the game was called after both teams came out to start the second half. The storm came up so quick that they put people onto the field to avoid the threat of lightning. I left the game and did not come back. That is another first. The real thunder of the day though was Jake Standeford laying out a Panther DB who was chasing down Dustin Keller. He put a lick on that will be part of Purdue highlights for a long time to come. By now there has to be some videos on youtube of the hit. That is how football should be played.