csd Flashback: 1/1/10 in Pictures

I figured that I would post this for two reasons. One is that the site was on hiatus when I attended this game a year ago. I have stopped posting for short periods twice for the same reason. That is the fact that it is hard to spend time on something that nobody is reading. For some reason I just didn’t feel the small amount of hits I was getting was worth the time. I really enjoy it though so I always pick it back up. Currently I am amazed at how many people have been coming to the blog. I still can’t believe that people care about anything I have to say. The second purpose of the post is to say thank you to all of those who come to the site. It is very much appreciated. Continue reading

csd Flashback: 1996 Bucket Game

All week long I have been seeing stats and other memories related to the 1996 final game for both teams. This was the first of many bucket games for me. I have seen one every other year ever since 1996. I did not see a great game for my first one though as the Boilers dropped it 33-16. This is the last time that the Hoosiers have won inside of Ross-Ade Stadium.  Continue reading

csd Flashback: 9/2/1995 Northwestern @ Notre Dame

Northwestern 17 – Notre Dame 15

My father used to get one set of free tickets every year to a game at Notre Dame Stadium. Usually they were the off game that nobody wanted to attend. In 1995 that game was against the Northwestern Wildcats. The game was supposed to be a route by the Irish to start off the season. What we saw instead was a little history. Continue reading

csd Flashback: Purdue vs. #6 Michigan 2000

October 7, 2000

Ten years ago I was sitting in Ross-Ade Stadium for one of the better games I have seen. After having a blast at the Minnesota game earlier in the season I picked up a student ticket for the Michigan game. It was an impulse decision that I am glad that I made. At the time Purdue was 3-2 and needing a win to stay in the Big Ten hunt. Michigan on the other hand was ranked sixth in the country with a 4-1 record. The quarterback matchup was a good one between Drew Brees and Drew Henson. Michigan also had a running back named Anthony Thomas who was nicknamed the “A Train.” In my mind the only man that can have that nickname was Mike Alstott.  Continue reading

csd Flashback: #10 Wisconsin @ #17 Purdue

#10 Wisconsin Badgers 28 – #17 Purdue Boilermakers 21

Eleven years ago Saturday I saw a great game at Ross-Ade Stadium. We went into the game knowing that anyone could go down at any time in Ross-Ade. An annoying Wisconsin fan ended up right in front of us in the student section with a Ron Dayne jersey on. We were not nearly as bad as we should have been to a fan crashing the student section. That would all be remedied later on in the game.  Continue reading

csd Flashback: Letting the Lions Escape

I have never been in combat or done drugs so why do I have so many flashbacks? If I knew the answer I could probably stop them. Today’s flashback takes up back to this day in 1999. Purdue was coming off a huge win over #5 Michigan State at home. Our program was flying at a level that we had not seen in a long time. I had never seen it before. The students that week on campus were buzzing about #2 Penn State coming to town. After writing about the high of beating Michigan State last week I thought I would share the low of losing to Penn State this week.  Continue reading