Purdue vs. Western Carolina Photo Gallery

I really was not going to go to the game tonight, but about twenty minutes before the tip I found out that I had a shot at sitting in the nice new black seats for free. Why not? I hurried down to Mackey to see the game. The game was not at all what I expected with Western leading for much of it. Luckily the Boilers found their stride and came away with the W. After a win against Western you know what you have to face next. That’s right Eastern comes in Saturday. I should have seats nearly as good, but on the other side of the arena then. I will get spoiled if this keeps up much longer. Here are a few pictures that I liked from the game.

LewJack trying to get some space early. He fought through a lot of pain in appeared to get his minutes in last night

Lewis Jackson using his body to shield the much bigger defender

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Gary Harris Finds the End Zone, Tom Crean Can’t Find Gary

Matt Painter had no trouble finding the field tonight

As I said before I picked up a new lens for my camera after work tonight so I decided to head to a football game to try it out. I really had every intention of checking out a game at a new stadium. I knew that Lafayette Harrison was in town so I took off that way. I really had no idea who they were even playing until I saw Matt Painter standing near the players entrance to the field. I looked at my program and sure enough #4 Gary Harris was playing for Hamilton Southeastern. I was talking to some members of the Royals staff during the game, and I found out that Tom Crean was supposed to be at the game, but had not shown up yet. Later on I found out that he had gotten himself lost on 52. I am sure that some nice Boiler fans gave him great directions. I left at halftime with the score 35-0 HSE so I never did find out if Crean made it to the game. Continue reading

Matt Painter to Stay at Purdue!

Matt Painter keeping his eye on the ball

Well now that the roller coaster has apparently come to a stop we now think that Matt Painter will remain a Boilermaker. I still don’t know what to make of the last few days. My first thought was that there was absolutely no way that Painter would go to Missouri. Who are these people that think that he might? Then at some point Sunday night after being away from the computer most of the weekend I started to see some reasons why he might go. Then it started to become real. Of course I had some frustrations that I put in my post about the possibility of him leaving. Those frustrations just seemed to build until I found out that he would stay. So what does this mean for Purdue now? Continue reading

Raise Another Banner! (JaJuan Johnson is an All American!)


JJ ready to throw it down

I am a day late on this, but felt that I needed to write something positive the way the last couple of days have gone. Yesterday the AP All American selections were announced. With his inclusion JaJuan is now a consensus All American. That means that he will have a banner in the rafters along with Glenn Robinson, John Wooden, and Rick Mount. This is a great accomplishment for a great guy. Continue reading

Matt Painter to Leave Purdue? (Update?)

Matt Painter during a Purdue practice in Chicago

I really thought that I was done writing about the Purdue basketball team for the short term. Last week I heard rumblings about Matt Painter leaving Purdue to go to Missouri. At first I didn’t put any stock into them. Then tonight I just decided to read up on Purdue a little and realized that over the weekend things started to pick up. Apparently there has been some sort of contact between Painter’s reps and the Missouri Tigers. Right now I don’t know what to think. I just assumed that Matt would be a Purdue Boilermaker until he retired. I guess I never considered the fact that he might want to leave. Continue reading

Purdue Men’s Basketball Season In Review

JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore on senior night

I always promise to do these things, but before you know it the next sport starts up, and I get busy with that one. Unfortunately this season for the Purdue men ended early enough I have a small window before baseball season starts. Just because it ended early though doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good season. Here is a quick look back at one of the best seasons I have been able to watch in person. Continue reading