A great way to send off Lambert Field and the seniors today.

Dave Wegiel Photography

Today at Lambert Field we said goodbye to many things. The first of which is the little stadium that I have come to love. The new one will be much nicer, but for some reason I really like the old one. The new one will actually have locker rooms and other things that a Big Ten facility should have, but I love the fact that seeing a game in Lambert feels like you are in on a secret. I will miss the field, but seeing this great team come from behind to win in extra innings to get win number 40 on the season is a great way to send it off.

The second farewell today was for the seniors. This was a class that has won a lot of games. They came close to a couple Big Ten titles before finally breaking through this season. I chose the picture…

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Today the Purdue Baseball team did something that it had not done in 103 years. It won the Big Ten Baseball title. Actually it clinched at least a tie, but with four games left it seems like this team has the outright title in the bag. I was at the game today and snapped a few pictures. I will have a little more on the game, and a link to more pictures later. For now let’s just enjoy the spoils of victory. Boiler Up!

Dave Wegiel Photography

Tonight I went to the Purdue game against Michigan as soon as I got off of work. Part of the great part about being in Lafayette this year is the fact that I can attend even more Purdue Baseball games. That is great because they have a team that has surpassed even the good teams from the last couple of years. That little bit extra will lead them to their first Big Ten Title since 1909. It may be a little premature to say as much, but with five Big Ten games left in the season all Purdue needs to claim a share of the crown is one win or a loss by Indiana. I will be out of town on Sunday so I hope that the Boilers can win tomorrow. If that is the case then the picture of the day will of course be of the celebration. History…

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