Back To Detroit?

Purdue in Detroit in 2007

Ever since Purdue won in Bloomington to claim the bucket again I have heard many different bowl scenarios for the Boilers. For very selfish reasons I was rooting to see them in Detroit. With starting a new job it would have been very hard to get anywhere else. For the most part though Purdue was not even mentioned with that bowl in the last week. From everything that I have read it looked like the team was going to be in Dallas. Reading as much about Kennedy that I have it would have killed me not to go to that one, and make a couple day trip out of it. Instead though another trip to Detroit appears to be in order. I do live almost two hours further away now, but I think that I may have to make this game. This is the first year since 2004 that I have not seen Purdue play on the road. Thankfully a short drive into Michigan is all that stands in front of me from keeping that streak going. Continue reading

College Football Bowl Season Game Notes

During the football season I had a post called game notes every week for whatever game I was attending. Since Purdue is not in a bowl this year I will put out the game notes for games that I won’t be attending. I wanted to post this to finalize my picks for the regular season. I have a sheet of paper with my picks that has just been sitting around for almost a month. It is time to get rid of that paper. I won’t dwell too much on the season in this post. I plan to look back on the Purdue season when the sting from the loss to Indiana wears off. For now let’s just see how I did with my picks this season. Continue reading

The Final Hour of Bowl Predictions

Here we are an hour to go before the bowls are known. Here is some of what I am hearing right now.

National Championship Game: Ohio State
Rose Bowl: Illinois
Capital One Bowl: Michigan
Alamo Bowl: Penn State
Outback Bowl: Wisconsin
Insight Bowl: Indiana
Champs Sports Bowl: Michigan State
Motor City Bowl: Purdue

I have also heard rumblings about Purdue to the Insight, Indiana to the Bell Helicopter Bowl, which would let Iowa into the Motor City Bowl. I have heard that they were trying to get more Big Ten teams in. The Boston College site also has us back in the Champs Bowl against Boston College. This should be a fun night. I really don’t want to go to Arizona because of some great decisions with money lately, but I probably would try and go. Detroit would be much more economical for me. Come on Detroit!

The New BCS Standings

Here are the BCS Standings that were released today:

1. Missouri 11-1
2. West Virginia 10-1
3. Ohio State 11-1
4. Georgia 10-2
5. Kansas 11-1
6. Virginia Tech 10-2
7. LSU 10-2
8. USC 9-2
9. Oklahoma 10-2
10. Florida 9-3
11. Boston College 10-2
12. Hawaii 11-0
13. Arizona State 9-2
14. Tennessee 9-3
15. Illinois 9-3
16. Clemson 9-3
17. Oregon 8-3
18. Wisconsin 9-3
19. BYU 9-2
20. Texas 9-3
21. South Florida 9-3
22. Virginia 9-3
23. Cincinnati 9-3
24. Auburn 8-4
25. Boise State 10-2

Ohio State, Illinois, and Wisconsin are the only Big Ten teams on the list this week. Ohio State is on the doorstep of playing for the national title two years in a row. Illinios needs a couple of upsets to sneak into a BCS bowl.

Big Ten Bowl Predictions #2

With some upsets this week the opponents that the Big Ten teams have changed slightly. Here are some updated bowl forecasts.
Rose Bowl: Ohio State v. USC
Outback Bowl: Wisconsin v. Tennessee
Capital One Bowl: Illinois v. Florida
Alamo Bowl: Michigan v. Texas A&M
Champs Sports Bowl: Penn State v. Boston College
Insight Bowl: Indiana v. Oklahoma State
Motor City Bowl: Michigan State v. Central Michigan
Bell Helicopter Armed Services Bowl: Purdue v. New Mexico
Purdue is hanging on to a bowl by a thread.

Updated Bowl Projections

Yesterday was another crazy day in college football. LSU lost to Arkansas in three overtimes, and Texas A&M beat Texas to muddle the bowl picture once again. Hawaii did beat Boise State though. I have read many predictions that if Hawaii loses, then Illinois would be in a Big Ten bowl. Things will change today for sure. The big game of the day of course being #2 Kansas v. #4 Missouri. The projections must think that neither of these two teams will win out because they have West Virginia and Ohio State playing for the National Championship. Here are the updated predictions as of last night by

National Title Game: Ohio State v. West Virginia
Capital One Bowl: Illinois v. Tennessee
Outback Bowl: Michigan v. Auburn
Insight Bowl: Indiana v. Oklahoma State
Bell Helictopter Armed Services Bowl; Purdue v. TCU
Alamo Bowl: Wisconsin v. Texas A&M
Champs Sports Bowl: Penn State v. Boston College
Motor City Bowl: Michigan State v. Central Michigan

As you can see another possible bowl outcome is now shown. We could really end up anywhere. Ball State took our place in the Las Vegas bowl in this projection. If Ball State were really chosen over Purdue, then that shows how much trouble our program is really in. I don’t even know if I like our chances against a team like TCU. I am an idiot, so I will probably go. Well some of this will change today, so I will be on here again when the dust settles.