Purdue Is Still Alive In the Tourney!

Purdue CBI Round 1-2

Last night I went to Mackey Arena to once again follow Purdue in the tournament. This year instead of visiting Spokane, Houston, or anywhere else beautiful I would just drive across town to see them play. The CBI tournament is not the most prestigious this time of year, but the team still gets to play in Mackey. More importantly the young kids get more practice and game time. If Purdue can have a good tournament a .500 record and 20 wins could also be in the cards. I walked up to the stadium and sat in the Black Club Seats eight rows up. These were great seats closer to the action then I have sat for some time. I loved how close I was to the action, but the cost is also great. The stadium was far from full, and it was a different type of crowd. Hopefully as the wins in the tournament pile up the fans start coming. It would be nice if those who came from game one could keep that seat though. This is a pay to play tournament, and when it is all said and done I hope Purdue has to shell out some money. I don’t think that their would be much prestige to winning this tournament, but a win is far better than a loss. I normally post a photo gallery here instead of babble, but I thought that I would put my incoherent two cents in. A few more pictures from the game can be found on my Facebook page here.

Dierking Carries the Boilers to the Win

Things have been crazy since the weekend so I have not gotten around to posting the game recap from the Boilers win over the Western Illinois Leathernecks this past weekend. Another reason I probably have not written about the game yet is the fact that the Boilers only beat their 1AA opponent by ten. This does not bode well for the rest of the season.The highlight of the day had to be the performance of Dan Dierking. He ran for 102 yards and 2 touchdowns on the day. It was fun to see him finally getting some yardage. Of course he was also on special teams. He took his place on the kickoff team after one of his scores, and of course he made the tackle. I still think that the Dierking for Heisman shirts should be made. Continue reading

Game Preview: Purdue v. Western Illinois

Well this week’s preview might be a little short. Purdue is playing a 1AA school, and should roll them. If they don’t I imagine I will have a long game wrap with a few choice words. I expect to see a whole lot of Dan Dierking and Al Terek McBurse tomorrow on the field. With an advantage on the line, and a coach who wants to run the ball more tomorrow is the perfect day to run. McBurse is having a little trouble coming back from his knee injury, and the confidence he could gain tomorrow is well worth the risk. Western Illinois is nicknamed the Leathernecks, but I think the name is the only thing tough about them. Continue reading

A Good Start For the Lady Boilers

Yesterday I was at the Purdue women’s game to end the three day three game trip to West Lafayette. Going into the game I did not know too much about the Purdue Women’s team this season. I watched part of the gamecast the other night, but that really doesn’t let you get into the flow of the game. You just see raw data. I knew that we had eight players dressing, and it seemed like more in streetclothes. The play of this team would depend on how well the freshmen played. After seeing them in action I am excited about this season. Brittany Rayburn had her best game as a Boiler yet as far as points are concerned. She scored 23 to lead the Boilers to a 70-37 victory over Western Illinois. She will be fun to watch as the season progresses. She has great control over her body, and the smarts to back it up. Jodie Howell and FahKara Malone provide solid play along with Rayburn. Chelsea Jones looks a bit slow at the moment. She will be tested in Big Ten play. What I took from the game that makes me excited was the play of three freshmen. KK Houser who is pictured to the right scored 13 points, and looked good doing it. She started the game, ran the point, and did not look too phased by the college experience. She made a 360 basket in the first half that earned a collective gasp by the crowd. In the foreground of the picture is her fellow frosh Sam Ostarello. Sam grabbed 12 boards, and played the game very well. She has long arms and the speed to go along with it. She did not have any points at the half, but she changed the flow of the game coming off the bench. I don’t think that I will be able to use the words off the bench for her very long. Ashley Wilson also made her Boiler debut yesterday. She was a big body off the bench that scored four points in her first couple minutes of gametime. She is not afraid to take what is hers under the basket. The depth of this team may come into play this weekend. They host the BTI Classic in Mackey this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They will play Seattle, Dayton, and Georgetown in a three day span. While it is a great chance for the fans to get an early look at the team I wonder what the girls will look like come Sunday. If they play the way they did this weekend it will be a good three days for Boiler fans. I will have more on the games later in the week. With no Boiler home games for the men the women get the game preview this week.