Back Again?

Last fall I had my laptop crash. That combined with a busy schedule made me rethink my blogging priorities. I had branched out too far, and gotten away from what I intended to do with the blog in the first place. I set out to follow the end of my chase for 100 sporting events in one year. After I accomplished that goal I decided to show how much of a sports junkie that I really am. From there I became all of that plus a baseball card blog. That just became too much for me at the time. I think that from now on I will go back to just being a sports junkie. Tomorrow I am going to Opening Day at U.S. Cellular. That should be a great launch pad for getting up and going again. I am just going to post when I want about whatever I am thinking about at the time. Let’s see how this goes.

Somewhat Related to Sports

A month or so ago I wrote a post about going to the Robin Williams show in Lafayette. Tonight I saw Frank Caliendo in Merrillville, IN. He makes his living impersonating other people. He does some great ones, but his best by far is President Bush. What does that have to do with sports? Absolutely nothing. He does do a great John Madden, Charles Barkley, and Jim Rome though. I did not take my camera, and once I got inside the theater I was upset that I did not. My walk up ticket put me in the fourth row right in front of Frank. He put on a great show that had me rolling around in my seat. He can jump from character to character so fast that you wonder how he doesn’t screw it up. He also spent some time laying down on the floor flat on his back doing his routine. Don’t ask, you would have to see it. It was a great show. I may have said that already huh? Since I did not have a camera I posted a YouTube clip of Frank doing his Charles Barkley. I will be saying trble for days after hearing this impression. Enjoy the clip!

500th Post

This website started as a log of the end of my quest to attend 100 college or pro sporting events in one year. I accomplished my goal, but kept the site going. It evolved into a site where I talked about the games that I went to, and put up a couple of pictures that I took at the game. But talking about the game after the fact was not enough. I started previewing games that I was going to. I then would even start talking about sports and events that I was not even a part of. Then somehow last year I put a couple of cards up on the site. The site then went from sports blog to almost full time baseball card blog now. I think my identity is missing. I think the card deal just has evolved because of my need to post most days. This is a great way to do that. I think that for now I will keep doing what I have been doing on this site. I will keep talking about the games that I am going to, and throw in some comments about sports when I feel the need. The card aspect will stay here as well. I had considered moving that to another site, but decided against it. I have 1984 Topps Cards, but that is dedicated to one year and make. It has taken me two years to post 500 times. At the rate that I am going now I will hit 1,000 in just over a year. I need to get a life.
Just for fun I thought that it would be neat to go back and look at my first real post on here. I had the introduction, but here is the first game post from the site. Things have changed quite a bit since then. It was great to see how much fun I was having in 2006. Here is the Purdue – Ball State game post with one of my favorite pictures ever of Korey Sheets stretching the Ball into the end zone.

Not Sports Related At All

Tonight I was in West Lafayette to see one of my idols as a kid. Not many children would want to be Robin Williams when they grew up, but I was one of those kids. I loved him on Mork and Mindy. I watched his ‘A Night at the Met.’ special way too many times. Especially for someone as young as I was. Six years ago I saw him in Lafayette, but waited too long to get tickets and ended up in the back. This time I had tickets right up front thanks to early ordering. I was in row EE which as you would guess is five rows back of the stage. Actually where I was at because of the stage configuration I was three rows back. Great seats for a great show.
The show itself started off as usual for Robin, but with one hitch. He really got on anyone who was filming him. With the Michael Richards incident (which he alluded to) I guess you have to be careful. He kept at the people that would not stop recording, and although he tried to be funny about it you could tell he was not happy. I can’t say that I blame him. His normal opening with local flavor was not bad. He went with a reference to Harry’s a local college bar. He also talked about how the name Boilermaker is also a drink. The rest of his routine was typical Robin. Jumping around topics with impressions and his normal theatrical presentation. His closing routine about the making of the human reproductive organs was an instant classic that I will feel tomorrow. I was laughing way too hard, and I am sure that I will hurt in the morning. Apparently I was having too much fun at the show because they kept putting me up on the screen. I must have been the easy crowd reaction shot. I went into the show with high expectations which usually leads to letdown. Not in this case. You really get what you pay for with his shows. Hopefully he will stop by again in the future.
I nearly did not get to see him this time. I missed the ticket sale for the Chicago shows that were this past weekend. If it was not for a site called The Robin Williams Fan Site I would not have known about this new tour. I check the site fairly often, but apparently not often enough. It is a good site if you like Robin. Thanks to them I was able to get great tickets for this show.

New Blog Features

Anyone out there using blogger may be able to use a couple of the new features on here. The first is the ability to post entries in the future. No need to find Doc Brown and rev up the car to 88 mph. On your dashboard you should be able to find the beta version of blogger, and sign in through it. Once you have done that you can go to the post options while you are creating your post, and set it to post whenever you want. This will help me with the Fisk Countdown. I can write the post at night, and it will automatically post the next day when I set it to. I use to have to manually edit the date and time, then wake up and go to edit posts, then hit send. This will make my life easier.
I also found a new feature that you can put on your sidebar that lists the blogs that you frequent. When new content is added it moves the blog to the top of the list and tells you what the name of the new post is. I have added it, and already found a few posts right away because of it. I am trying it out right now. It is located on the right sidebar just under the labels.


Today I was looking through the site statistics and noticed that someone entered this site through a blog that had a familiar ring to it. The site name was and the name of the blog is Living Vicariously. Slicer28 sounds familiar because it is the handle of one of my good friends. Don’t worry about the Slicer part of the name. That is the nickname of our local high school. He is not a serial killer or anything. Although the way we both like to eat I would say that we are cereal killers. His site is still in its infancy, but I expect great things from it. We are both big time sports fans, but have major differences. He is more the cerebral fan. I am the kind of guy who is still wondering if he spelled cerebral correctly. He is the guy that you don’t want to play in a fantasy league (trust me I know). I am the guy that picks his favorite players for his fantasy teams.
I do have to warn you about this guy though. He is a Twins fan as well as a Vikings fan. This is in direct competition with my White Sox and Packers. We have had some fun at the others expense when our teams have triumphed, or sometimes even more fun when the other guys team fails. It will be fun to see how we see things differently over the next few months. Maybe we will even have a few similarities who knows. I look forward to seeing how his blog grows in the next few months. His first post other than the introduction was about the movie Metro which leads me to the conclusion that he needs to go to bed earlier. I don’t think that they even play that movie when vampires are asleep. It does rule the time frame up against some tough infomercials.
Go Sox! Go Packers!