Another Great Baseball

In keeping with yesterday’s trend I will showcase another baseball in my collection. Ball #189 was obtained from a shop at the new Busch Stadium the day after my birthday. I was just killing time since I had gotten to the stadium early when I saw a game used memoribilia shop in center field. I walked in and was awed by the signed baseballs in the case. I really wanted a Stan Musial ball, but it was $175, and even that is a little salty to a sports junkie. Just down from the signed balls were actual balls used in a game. They happened to have two from my birthday, and I asked to see them. They came in a cube, and I took the ball that had a little scuff from the redish dirt on the infield. Just last week I looked up the number on the ball on the Major League Website. Here is what I found when I looked it up:
Did I just really pick up a ball that John Smoltz put into play that was recorded as a hit? I think that I did. This is the next best thing to actually fielding the ball in my opinion. Right now this may be the jewel of my collection until I actually get a game used ball myself. That should be any day now.