My Top Ten Pictures of the First Five Years of the Junkie

A couple of days ago I posted about this site being five years old. I am sort of proud of the fact that I made it this long. I don’t consider myself a sportswriter, and I am far away from being a sports photographer. For some reason (a fact that boggles me) people come to this site to read what I have to say and to look at my pictures. If you take enough pictures over a five year span you are bound to accidentally take a few good ones. Here are the ten pictures that came to mind when I thought of the ten best in that span. I may have left a few out so if you have a favorite that I missed let me know.

Drey Mingo leaves the court with the WNIT trophy just before her illness

10. This may not be the best picture that I have ever taken, but it is one of my favorites nonetheless. The Purdue Women’s Basketball team was on a high note last season when they beat Depaul at home to win the WNIT preseason tournament. The team was on cloud nine thinking about how good things could be, and also the great trip ahead of them over the holiday weekend. That all came crashing down when Drey Mingo was diagnosed with meningitis. I had a seat right by the tunnel in Mackey so I got to see the players as they left the court. Drey was hugging the trophy as she left, and I thought it would be a great picture. When her condition was unknown a couple of days later I kept looking at this picture pondering how quickly things can change. For that reason it makes it onto this list. Continue reading

Whitecaps Sweep Doubleheader, But Just Happy to Be Playing

Kevin Eichhorn warms up prior to the game

After five tries the Whitecaps finally were able to play a road game, and they celebrated by winning game one very easily. Game two was a little tougher for them, but they still won 6-3. One of the reasons that I wanted to see this team was to see Mark Eichhorn’s son Kevin pitch. He started game one for the Whitecaps. He seemed to be doing really well until the fifth. He gave up two runs to the Silverhawks, and was pulled with two outs in the inning. If he had been left in to get one more out he would have been the winner of the game. Since he was pulled he did not qualify. Continue reading

Mistakes Cost Silverhawks Game One of Doubleheader

Anything on the field after the last two days is a good thing

The Silverhawks and Whitecaps had been trying to play a game since Friday night, and were finally able to do so this afternoon at Coveleski Stadium. The Whitecaps had been rained out five consecutive times. That has to be hard to handle if you are a ballplayer. With sunny skies thought they were able to get a doubleheader in this afternoon. Continue reading

Everybody Loves a Good Sale

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in Detroit to see the White Sox beat the Tigers in ten innings. It was an up and down game that ended on an up luckily. Chris Sale pitched the last 2 2/3 innings to get his first ever career win. I was happy for the young man. After meeting him in Indy when the Charlotte Knights were in town I really started to like Chris. He was very down to earth for a man who suddenly had everything going his way. It was great to be at his first win. Omar Vizquel also reached a career milestone Monday. He set the record for most games played by a foreign born player. He passed Rafael Palmerio to place his name in the record books. I only mention this because Chris Sale was born four days before Omar played his first Major League game. I just thought that was a cool fact. Continue reading

White Sox Win One For the Hawk…Not Really

For the purposes of my sanity I will think of last nights game as one that was called for rain after the conclusion of the sixth inning. It is to depressing to think of Matt Thornton coming in and giving up five runs. It pains me to think of Matty getting pulled from the game in order for Scott Linebrink to serve up the second half of back to back jacks. So here is my recap of last night’s game from a positive viewpoint. Continue reading

One Great Ballgame!

Here I sit at my computer upset that this great game between the Tigers and the Twins is over. Both teams fought back from being down to get this game to the 12th inning. A great play by Ryan Rayburn kept the Tigers in the ballgame, but in the end the Twins won to move on to the postseason. For the second year in a row the Twins needed to play an extra game to complete the season. Should they start putting incentives for game 163 in their contracts? This year they were on the right end of the score though, and will go to New York to face the Yankees tomorrow night. It would be hard to predict them faring very well after this game and all of the emotions that were involved. Although I do remember game one of the 2005 ALCS when the Angels had no sleep and had to travel to Chicago. They came out with more fire than the White Sox to take their only game of the series. You had better watch out New York. These Twins don’t want to let the Metrodome go this easy. They have at least one more game to go in the old dome. They also have a team to play a few more in it. Could they end the stadium with a championship? Anything can happen in the playoffs.