Different Day, Same Result

Tonight at Mackey Arena the Boilermaker Men’s Team lost to the #4 team in the country, the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes shot the lights out all night long. At one point in the second half they were increasing their field goal percentage. It was up to 53% at one time, and most likely ended up around 50%. The Boilers were only down three at the half though, and had their chances in the second half to take the lead. In the end though the Buckeyes were too much to handle, and pulled out to a large lead in the last couple minutes with Purdue trying desperate threes. Greg Oden did not look as good as advertised. I thought I would see a much better player than the one that I saw. Carl Landry seemed to handle him easily, and even our stick figure center got the best of him in the one matchup they had. Matta did not want Oden and Uchendu to matchup for some reason. Watching Landry go after him like a pro throughout the night was fun to see. Oden did not seem up to the challenge. Even in warmups Oden looked as if he was loafing. He will have to step up his game quite a bit if he is going to make it in the pros. Maybe that is what he is waiting for though. Tonight was the first loss of the season at Mackey for the Boilers. The women lost their first game at home Monday to the same team. The next home game for Purdue is next Wednesday against an always tough Michigan State team.

#5 Ohio State Buckeyes 64 – #12 Purdue Boilermakers 55

Purdue lost a chance tonight to take a commanding lead in the Big Ten when they lost 64-55 to Ohio State at Mackey Arena. They came into the game with a half game lead in the division, and the loss gave them a half game deficit. The Boilers looked good early running away early thanks to three pointers by Jodie Howell and FaKara Malone. The Buckeyes made a run to make the game close though, and the lead was only three at the half. Jessica Davenport was quite in the first half, but made her presence known in the second. She finished the game with 12 points, 8 rebounds, and four blocks. She altered a few shots as well with her large frame. The star of the game was Star Allen who scored 21 points and pulled down 13 rebounds. She was a tough matchup all game. Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton scored 13 points, and Katie Gearlds added 12 for the Boilers in a losing effort. Jodie Howell scored 11 points, all of them in the first half for Purdue. This was the only meeting with Ohio State this year, so the Boilers must win out, and hope for some help from another squad to have a shot at the Big Ten title.

This Day in csd History

January 28th, 1995
Ohio State comes to Bloomington to face the Hoosiers. I actually know very little about this game except for the fact that I was there because I still have my ticket stub. What it does bring to mind though is the fact that both Purdue teams welcome Ohio State teams to West Lafayette this week. The #12 Lady Boilers will face the #5 Buckeyes tommorrow night with the Big Ten lead on the line. Last year the Boilers took care of the Buckeyes in Mackey early in the Big Ten season, but then fell to Ohio State twice more before the season was over. With a short bench it will take a great effort to pull off the upset tommorrow night. Jessica Davenport is a force in teh middle for Ohio State, and the game will rest on her shoulders. If we can limit her, we have a chance to pull off the upset. A win would be very big tommorrow, and could help propel the team through the rest of the Big Ten season.
On Wednesday night the Boilers will face the #5 men’s team from Ohio State. The Buckeyes were almost upset at home yesterday by the Spartans, and that may have served as a wake up call to them. They have the super freshman Greg Oden on their side, and he will be a tough matchup all day. As with the women’s game, the outcome may hinge on the way the Boilers take care of the big guy. The Boilers are coming off another win at home yesterday against the Illini. They are undefeated in Mackey this year, and hopefully I can still say that on Thursday. The road is another story.
After the big win against Illinois yesterday this could be a week to remember for Purdue basketball, or it could just be another week.

Purdue 64 – Illinois 47

David Teague was too much for the Illini to handle today as the Boilers put a whipping on the Illini. The game was one sided for much of the first half as Teague and Carl Landry had their way with the Illinois team. At one point the score was 27-4. The Illini fought back when Landry was on the bench with foul trouble, but never got to within 10. When they needed him though Teague stepped up. He hit two threes with the shot clock at zero and defenders in his face at key times in the second half. When nobody else wanted the ball, Teague did. He was a force today. David finished the game with a career best 28 points and 9 rebounds. 18 of those points were in the second half. Landry was good when he was in the game, but two fouls in about eight seconds in the first half put him on the bench for most of the game. He still ended up with 17 points. Mackey was packed today, and the atmosphere was great. It would be nice to be at a couple of games like this every year. With both the Men’s and Women’s Ohio State teams coming to town this week there is a good chance to see another one soon.

#8 Grand Valley State 54 – Wayne State 44

This game was a lot harder fought than the women’s game. Mike Hall (pictured), and Jason Jamerson each scored 14 points for the Lakers. This game was tight until the final minute when Wayne State was having trouble converting on their three pointers. They had a good strategy of fouling the big man for the Lakers who could not hit his free throws, but they could not capitalize. As the score suggests it was a sloppy game throughout. The refs were having a lot of trouble deciding what to call, and how to be consistent. After all was said and done though the good guys won, and live to fight another day.

#10 Grand Valley State 73 – Wayne State 50

In the first game of a women’s/men’s doubleheader last night at Grand Valley the women won easily. Wayne State had an 8-4 lead at one point, but the Lakers quickly erased that, and then went on to pull away. Leading the charge was Julia Braseth who had 24 points and 11 rebounds for Grand Valley. Erika Ryskamp had 18 points, four assists, two steals, and two rebounds for the Lakers as well. The Lady Lakers have looked good in every game that I have seen them in so far this year.