College Basketball Game of the Week (Hawkeye Down Edition)


Carver-Hawkeye from the top of the stands

Well my promise of insight into each game has gone an entire season of being unfulfilled. Early in the season I blamed it on writing too much about football. Now that we have had nothing but basketball going on I really haven’t stepped up. I guess you can blame that on my limited basketball knowledge. I played (if you could call it that) football so I at least understand most of the game. I am still new to organized basketball so I seem to learn something new all the time. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Senior Night Edition)


E'Twaun and JJ will be on this bench one last time Tuesday

This week we say goodbye to two players who have given a lot to Purdue. I will have more on the Senior Night of E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson later in the week. The game of the week is obviously the game Tuesday when the Boilers take on Illinois at home. This will be the final time both Moore and Johnson play in front of their home crowd. On paper this game should not be too bad for the Boilers. They handled Illinois very easy in Champaign, and you would think things would be easier for Purdue at Mackey. This is the Big Ten though, and anything can happen on any night. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Ohio State Edition)

Lewis Jackson will be key this week again

During football season I actually break down games, and talk about keys to winning. For some reason during basketball season I just ramble for a couple of paragraphs and then make some picks. That may be due to my lack of basketball knowledge. I just don’t know near as much about hoops as I do football. What I do know though is that tomorrow will be a huge day on the campus of Purdue. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 14 Edition)

This week I am going to be very hypocritical. Or maybe not. I picked the game Wednesday between the #12 Purdue Boilermakers and the #14 Wisconsin Badgers as the game of the week. I actually think that the Badgers have a good shot at beating #1 Ohio State today at home. I do think though that they will lose in West Lafayette Wednesday. I just think that it is that tough to play in the Kohl Center. If Ohio State can pull that game out, then I think they are poised to run the table in the regular season. That should be an interesting game that I hope the Badgers can pull out. That leads to Wednesday when they turn around to play Purdue. Wisconsin is a very tough team. Purdue had them on the ropes up in Madison, but could not finish the game. DJ Byrd scored five straight points near the end that I thought sealed the game for the Boilers. That was not the case though, and they lost. I think that the crowd at Mackey will be the difference here, and the Boilers will get the win. With only a couple more opportunities to see Smooge and JJ at home we will have to enjoy these games. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (IU Sucks Edition)

It is that time of the year. Indiana comes to West Lafayette Tuesday night, and I can’t think of any game bigger this week. Last week the women did their part by winning at home to complete the season sweep of IU. The men now have to do their part. Indiana is a program that has been showing some life lately. They have had two big wins over ranked opponents on their floor. This game will be played at Mackey obviously so hopefully the fans can help make it a tough place for the Hoosiers. I have seen some great games between these two schools in my short time as a season ticket holder. I hope that this one is a boring blowout. Purdue will have had a week off since the Wisconsin loss, and they should be ready to come out firing. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 12 Edition)

Pete trying to get rid of some varmint last year

Last week started off great for the Boilers. They had College Gameday in town, and won convincingly over Michigan State. Then Tuesday rolled around. Thankfully I had the flu and only was able to watch a few minutes of the game. Purdue has a chance to right the ship right away as Minnesota rolls into town today. The 18th ranked Gophers come into Mackey for a big game. After catching up on the Journey this week I saw where after the Boilers were beat in The Barn earlier this year JJ said that they will get the Gophers back in Mackey. I hope that he was right. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Gameday Edition)


John Hart defending against Michigan State last year

Rece, Hubert, Digger, Bobby, and Jay all will be invading West Lafayette this weekend. This might just be the biggest game as far as atmosphere in this arena in a while. Fans will be up early watching the Gameday taping, and then have nothing else to do until the late tip. I imagine the alcohol will be flowing in that time frame. The crowd should be rocking by the time the game starts. I will be up bright and early making the two hour drive down to West Lafayette to see the taping of the show. I can’t wait to see how the fans treat Digger and Bobby. It is awesome that Mackey will be the focal point of the country this weekend. I have seen the football show in person a few times, but never the basketball version. I am generally excited for tomorrow. I don’t plan on sitting with the main crowd to be on TV. I want to be on the other side so that I can see it all go down. I am sure that I will have a few pictures. If I have time I will try and post them in between the show and the game. I am sure there will be quite a few good signs and sights to warrant a post just for the show.

Speaking of the show I have seen the short teasers for it. Do they have to dwell on Robbie getting injured? It has been months now since the injury. Is the “Worldwide leader” that far behind that this is still the leading news story from the game? How about a battle between teams for position in the Big Ten? How about a guy named E’Twaun Moore? Even more how about the guy that has been carrying them lately, JaJuan Johnson? No matter what I hope that they do at least some research to see that there are more last names rather than Johnson. Just get the names right guys. The other guys who have done games this year have really messed that up. The content of the show tomorrow should be interesting. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 10 Edition)

Last week I really didn’t do what I wanted to. The weather was so bad Saturday that I did not go to the Notre Dame game. I had trouble seeing just driving slow down my road so I turned around. I did however make it out the next day for the trip that is twice as long to West Lafayette. The roads were a little better, but it was going to take a lot more than that little bit of snow to stop me. I had contemplated making the trip to Madison to watch the lady Boilers, or just a little further to see the men take on Minnesota this week. In the end I just decided to stay home. The way both games turned out I am glad that I did. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 9 Edition)

Steve Lavin sharing his popcorn with the Paint Crew last season

This week is a tough one. I am going to Notre Dame tonight to see the St. John’s team coached by former Purdue coach and ESPN  analyst Steve Lavin. Tomorrow the Boilers play Iowa. Anyone who knows me knows that I spent a couple of years in Iowa after graduating. For some reason my hate for the Hawkeyes went up exponentially after my time there. I may be the one responsible for them becoming our new football rival according to the Big Ten. This should not be much of a game Sunday. The Boilers should mop the floor with Iowa. That being said it still is a Big Ten game so if the Boilers are thinking like I am things could be interesting. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 8 Edition)

This week was a hard one to pick for the game of the week. The Purdue men only play once and that is at Penn State. There is a slight chance that things could work out to where I could end up at Bryce Jordan Arena to see the game. That is the kind of game that makes these write ups fun. Since I am not sure yet, and this is about games that I will attend I have to pick the Purdue Women’s game against Michigan on Thursday. If things go according to plan I will be attending this game on my way back from Penn State. Purdue has a game today against Northwestern in Evanston before playing the Wolverines at home. Continue reading