Purdue vs. Southern Illinois Photo Gallery

After a steal Chantel Poston gets hammered trying the layup

Drey Mingo working on offense

Mingo playing some tough D as well

Coaching is all about proper pointing...

...as you can see here as well

Alex Guyton with the easy shot

Even the cheerleaders were having a good night Monday

The obligitory Brittany Rayburn picture

Chelsea Jones getting a shot off

Antoinette Howard with a put back

Mingo calling for the ball

Boilers Continue to Roll Against Salukis

Chantel Poston getting a steal in the first half

Purdue is finding its rythym again after dropping three tough games in the wake of the Drey Mingo illness. The three games would have been tough anyway, but they had a lot to deal with. After a nice win against Auburn Saturday that saw Drey’s return to the court the Boilers had a home game Monday night. The weather was not the greatest, but the fans that did make the trip to Mackey Arena were witness to a show. Courtney Moses who was the Big Ten Freshman of the week made her case to make it back to back weeks against the Salukis. She scored eighteen points on the night to go along with a career high six assists. Courtney seemed to spark the team with both her offense and her defense. She is playing very well right now for a true freshman. Heck she is playing well for a senior right now.

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