Slugfest at Wrigley

Normally a 1-0 game would not be considered a slugfest, but after Derrick Lee and Chris Young decided to replay Rocky III it could be. Both benches cleared right in front of our seats, and we got a great view of the fight. I have more pictures up on my photobucket site that shows even more of the fight. Until the fight both pitchers were having a great game, and I was thinking about history. Zambrano got within a few outs, but could not get the no-hitter. He ended up with a two hitter, but the one home run did him in. San Diego gave up only two hits as well, but got into trouble in a few innings. Neither team did a good job capitalizing on the other teams mistakes. Mark DeRosa made an error at third, and one at first. He more than made up for it in the fight stomping on other players. I haven’t had a chance to get to Wrigley much, but I love going in the Zimco seats. They get you right on top of the action. These ringside seats proved useful today.