Michael Jordan A Hall of Famer?

Does Michael really deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? Was their a voter who decided that he didn’t need to be included? He excelled in every part of the game that you could. He was great on offense. We all know that. He was also a great defensive player that could be a shut down man. He could do it all. He also took the NBA to new heights that it has since struggled to get near. People watched the MBA not the NBA. He could make a dull matchup worth watching. I was spoiled growing up to watch him play. We will never see his like again. As a kid I did not go to many sporting events, but I was able to see Michael play a game in person for the Bulls. He scored 55 points to lead the Bulls to a first round playoff victory over the Washington Bullets. The Bulls were playing terribly, and Michael put them on his back to lead them to the win. I could not talk at school the next day because I was yelling so much at the game. Later I was able to go to Detroit to see him playing with the Wizards. It was still close to 9/11 (still not forgotten) so they were not allowing cameras into the arena for some reason. My friend Tires snuck mine in somehow, and I got this shot of his airness shooting a free throw. It is not of the best quality, but it is one of my all time favorite pictures that I have taken (and I have taken many). He was not himself that night, but did give us one thrill with a wild reverse shot. His team was down badly at the half so we did not see him play at all in the second half. I used to watch videos of Jordan and pretend that I was him on the playground. Who am I kidding? I still do that. I still want to be like Mike. Here is one of my favorite quotes by Mr. Jordan:

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career, I’ve lost more than 300 games, and 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. Throughout my life and career I’ve failed, and failed, and failed again. And, that’s why I succeed.”