Last of the Fisk Night Pictures

Here are the last remaining pictures from Carlton Fisk Night. None of these have been Pulitzer worthy, but they get the point across. Enjoy!

Some More of the Carlton Fisk Night Pictures

Here are some more of the pictures that I took at the Carlton Fisk Night that I promised that I would post. For some reason I can only do so many at a time. Here are some more images from that night:

A Dream Come True

Yesterday I was able to fulfill a dream that I have had since I was a little kid. I was able to run out onto the field at Notre Dame Stadium from the tunnel. Granted to do that I had to run 3 miles before the tunnel. I entered the Sunburst 5k for the sole purpose of being able to run out onto that field. As a kid I always thought that it would be as a player, but as it turns out Notre Dame does not recruit kids that are short and slow. Who knew? So I had to wait until I was 31 to enjoy the moment. I came out of the tunnel with my fist pumping. I must have looked like a little kid. They had four people taking pictures so hopefully one of them came out good. If it did I will post it on here at a later date. As far as the race went I ran faster than I ever have before. I ran the race 1:24 faster then my personal best. That is not too shabby. I would think that the goal of hitting the end in the stadium helped keep my adrenaline high the whole race.
Here are some of the names that I ran with: Derrick Lee, George Carlin, Matt Morris, Matt Yocum, Ted Williams, Me Whake (which shows up in the results as Whake, Me), Dan O’Conner, Kevin Kaiser, and Tom Jones. Either I was with some real famous people, or people with the same names as some famous people.