Baseball’s Best Burger

Thanks to a post on Bus Leagues Baseball I see that the show Man vs. Food will be visiting three Minor League parks tonight. Two of the three parks I have been to. I have visited Fifth Third Field in Michigan, but I have not tried their monster burger yet. I have however tried the Baseball’s Best Burger at GCS Ballpark in Sauget, IL. When I made my initial visit to the stadium this August I met a very nice woman who worked at the stadium and suggested some things for me to see and do around the stadium. Most of those suggestions I will talk about more in my stadium guide that is way overdue. The one thing that she told me about that shocked me was this burger. She said it was baseball’s best burger, but what does that mean? What makes it so much better? She said it was a bacon cheeseburger (that is normal) with a Krispy Kreme bun (come again?). From the minute she told me about it I was intrigued. I even went to the one stand in the stadium that makes them (in left field if you get the chance) to get a look at it. They told me that the only way that I could see one is if I bought it. I made a quick call to check if my insurance was up to date, and I ordered the burger. I also asked if they knew CPR before I started this thing. It did not sound good so I told myself that I would just have a couple of bites before getting some real food. I went to a seat (I think you must sit down to eat the burger), and unwrapped the delicacy. It really looked like something that could kill me. I snapped a quick picture in case the people at the hospital would need to now the cause of death. I took my first bite half expecting to go into a diabetic coma. When the food hit my taste buds I knew that I would eat the whole thing. A couple of bites into the burger my fingers were covered in the glaze/grease from the burger, but that did not slow me down. I had the thing down in seconds. I was going to take a picture of the burger a couple of bites in, but I decided that I wanted to use my phone again so I decided the one picture would be enough. I finished the burger quickly, and debated having another. As much as I made this burger sound like it could kill you I am alive exactly a month later with no real side effects. The only real difference that I have found is my desire to see more games at GCS Ballpark. I would not eat these everyday, but I would find a way to get the occasional one down. So I will skip the usual if you are in the area, and go with the if you are within a two state radius try this thing. The people at the stadium are great and will guide you in the right direction.

Ernie Banks Still Plays Baseball?

This post is long overdue. Last Saturday I left St. Louis for a few hours to jump over the border into Illinois. The reason for the trip was to see the River City Rascals play the Gateway Grizzlies in the Frontier League. The game was played at GCS Ballpark which is a beautiful ball park by any standards. I will have a little more on that later. The one surprise that I had while filling out my lineup card though was seeing that Ernie Banks was batting cleanup for the Rascals. Ernie has a build that reminds me of Frank Thomas. He is a big first baseman with what looks like decent power. Why is he here? Coming into the game Ernie was batting .345 with 19 home runs and 65 RBI’s. He quickly added to that total in the first inning of the game when he hit a ball off the right field wall to score JoJo Batten. That hit is shown to the left. He was thrown out trying to stretch the hit into a double, but the damage was done. Ernie is shown getting tagged out to the right. I asked him to autograph a ball for me prior to the game, but he simply said I can’t. I would like to know why exactly. Maybe he has used his name to his advantage in the past. Either way I can now say that I was able to see Ernie Banks play. I just have to keep to myself the fact that this was not the Hall of Famer. This was one of the sloppier Frontier League games that I have seen. I had to leave early to catch the Cardinal game, but they kept giving each other the lead.

One interesting fact about the teams was that after this afternoon game they both hopped on a bus to go across St. Louis to the home field of the Rascals to play the second game in the doubleheader. Like I said earlier I will have more on the park and the burger labeled “Baseball’s Best Burger” later.