Purdue vs. Middle Tennessee State: A Non Preview Preview

Ricardo Allen getting escorted by Purdue Pete as he crosses the goal line after his 94 yard interception return last season

For the last several years I have used some of the energy that I had in anticipation of the upcoming football game to write a preview. At first it was just my thoughts on the game. Then it morphed into something that almost resembled the weekly packet that the team puts out every week. Then after failing miserably in picking a couple of games I started picking games. If you used my picks for betting purposes I am sorry. They really always were so that I had something down on paper to laugh at after the weekend was over.

Lately I have come to realize that I just have not put the proper effort into this blog. It started out as a way to chronicle my journeys to various sporting events. Then I started trying to be some sort of a news site. I think the news site days are over here at the Junkie. If something happens really big like a third ACL tear for Robbie Hummel (I will start drinking now just in case) I am sure I will comment on it, but for the most part this site will go back to what it was when it started.

If you want to read some good game previews you have two blogs that started up about the same time as this one. They both cover just the Boilers and do a good job of doing it in their own way. Hammer and Rails is the unofficial official Purdue blog. As much as Purdue would like to shut him down they have not done it yet, and from all accounts he is gaining followers. Boiled Sports is a great site as well. They are great to read, and it is even better to listen to them every week when they say many things that we all are thinking. A new kid on the block is Jumbo Heroes. I really enjoyed reading their stuff last season, and look forward to doing it again. I know that the 12 people who read this blog probably already know about these three sites, but if you don’t look them up. I went to all the trouble of hyper-linking them after all.

I am way too excited to go and see a football game tomorrow. This Boiler team has so many question marks that I couldn’t nail down a score if I tried. As usual though I will be there rooting on the Boilers. I really want to see what Caleb TerBush can do. I am also excited to see Ralph Bolden on the field again. Even though the defense lost some key players (and one great one in Ryan Kerrigan) they are also returning some great talent. I think that I am most interested in seeing how Josh Johnson and Ricardo Allen have improved. A couple of former Duneland Conference players on defense (Albert Evans and Ryan Isaac) are other reasons to be excited. I am also pumped to see the pregame and postgame shows. In other words it is time to play some football! Tomorrow starts a marathon that makes the fall so great. Hopefully this team plays like I know that it can so that I can be somewhere very warm around New Years Day.

I will be in the stands wearing my customary John Standeford jersey and taking way too many pictures. Hopefully I shoot something worth posting tomorrow. If I do I am sure that I will have many of them on here for your viewing pleasure.



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