Famous Lineage: Kyle Gaedele

I thought that I might try something different here. With the new host might come some changes. The first of these is the famous lineage posts. This will be where I take someone that I have seen lately, and trace them back to a famous past. Disregarding a few obvious ones I settled on Valpo baseball player Kyle Gaedele. His great uncle is the famous Eddie Gaedel Eddie changed his name for show business so you can say that they are separated by an e.

Eddie gained fame in 1951 when Bill Veeck sent him up to the plate in a game for the St. Louis Browns against the Detroit Tigers. His jersey number was 1/8 owing to his 3’7″ build.  He drew a walk on four pitches, and was replaced at first by a pinch runner. That would be his only plate appearance. He would end his Major League career with an on base percentage of 1.000. Major League Baseball was not happy with the stunt, and his Major League career would end after that one at bat. Gaedel did make some money off of his name because of his at bat by appearing on various shows. Bill Veeck also kept him busy by employing him for other various  stunts.

Kyle Gaedele is very different from his great uncle. He is 6’4″ tall, and actually has a future in professional baseball. Kyle was drafted in the 32nd round of the MLB draft out of high school by Tampa Bay, but chose to attend college instead. He mainly plays right field for the Valparaiso Crusaders. Although in the two games that I have seen Valpo play he has also played third base as well as pitched in an extra inning situation. He pitched the tenth inning of the game giving up the eventual winning run against Butler this past weekend. He seems to be very versatile, and is an everyday player despite being only a sophomore. It will be interesting to see what he has in store for him in the future. This will probably not be the last time you hear his name on this blog.


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