Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery

I really did not take too many pictures today so the gallery is short. Here are a few that I liked including one I still don’t understand.

The player of the game Courtney Moses playing some tough defense

Dee Dee Williams with some tough defense as well early in the game

Here she tries to convert after a steal. I wish that I could say that she made this

Part of the halftime show was this act about how a man could be made to do household chores

I am missing the joke with this sign. I included it here in case anyone knew what was behind it. I also included it because the new Golden Girl is in the lower left hand corner

Brittany with a layup after a steal late in the game.


2 thoughts on “Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery

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  2. The way I understand it, Coach Versyp was an assistant coach at IU before coming to Purdue. When Coach was officially given her position she was locked out of her office at IU.

    That’s the story that we were told by GABS director Pam Nave.

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