Marve Helps Keep the Celebration Weekend Going

Robert Marve celebrating with the fans after the win

With all of the focus on basketball this weekend the football game against Ohio State was kind of lost in the shuffle for me. This morning I was even thinking of just watching it on TV. Of course that thought lasted just a few minutes before I pulled on my Purdue gear and headed out the door. I only got to my doorway before remembering one crucial part. I went back in and put the shirt that was given out prior to the 2009 game on. Jokingly in my head I said that it could be on the field twice. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it could actually happen. Continue reading


csd Flashback: 2/17/2010 Purdue @ Ohio State

The view from my seats in the nosebleed section

Last year everything fell into place for me, and I was able to go and see a great game in Columbus, Ohio. At the time Purdue was ranked fourth and Ohio State was ranked ninth. Evan Turner was in the midst of becoming a God for the Ohio State fans. He had singlehandedly beaten Purdue a few weeks earlier with a huge second half. The Buckeyes despite having a top ten team had to offer a special promotion to get fans in the door. If I remember right it was something like two tickets for $27. I got to the game early, but still had to park very far away. Once I got in I kept wondering when the fans were going to show up. Even as the game started the lower bowl was still relatively empty. I planned to move lower once the game started. Of course the fans started coming in after the tip so I was stuck in my seat. I can’t believe that fans would not get to the game in time for the tip between two top ten teams. Maybe the odd parking situation had something to do with the latecomers. Continue reading

csd Flashback: 1/12/10 Purdue vs. Ohio State

With the big game coming up tomorrow I thought that I would take a look back at last year’s game at Mackey. I was taking a break from this site so there is no record of my night in Mackey. The first half of this game is one that I will remember for a long time to come. Robbie Hummel scored 29 points in the first half. He had just as many as the entire Ohio State team had. Purdue had a 41-29 lead at the break, and for once I left my seat at halftime to return the many calls I was getting from other Purdue fans going crazy. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 6 Edition)

This week could have had a huge dilemma for the game of the week. With the Boilermaker Blockbuster that could have been the games of the week. I haveĀ  party to attend though so I can’t head down to Indy. Since I have to attend the game of the week I guess that this week’s game has to be the men against IPFW on Tuesday. Former Indiana player Dane Fife brings his Mastodons into Mackey to face the Boilers. Very shortly the non-conference games will be over, and each game will have a little more meaning. After some great matchups it has gotten a little stale. In just over a week the Big Ten season will start, and the pregame notes will get a little more serious. For now let’s just get to the picks. Continue reading

College Football Wrap (Week 9 Edition)

This week is busy with a basketball game thrown into the mix so this wrap will be short. I will just talk a little about my picks from last week, and then move on to other things. I have already covered the Purdue game enough. No more really needs to be said about that. The first game that shocked me was the Michigan State game at Iowa. Continue reading