Minnesota Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from today’s game. I really thought that I did not get any good ones when I left the stadium. I missed the near dunk by Lew, and a couple of nice ones of JJ because I was cheering for some reason. I found a few I liked though so here they are.

The Purdue flag is waived before the start of the game

The fans mocking Tubby Smith. I took the picture a little late, but I love the guy in the front row

Ryne Smith playing tight on Blake Hoffarber

I feel like Kelsey is looking up at Blake and saying "Nice abs"

Patrick Bade with some great help D that forced turnover

DJ Byrd with a three

Bade getting blocked on a bunny

JJ completing a nasty dunk with everything but the ball

That is the same grade I give the suit

Ryne Smith trying to finish a fast break

A frame later with Smith attempting the layup without the ball

Smooge fighting for a loose ball

Bade and Sampson III fighting for position

Kelsey Barlow getting some last minute stretching in before the end of the game

Painter and Moore check the clock after the game as Tubby slow dances with the ref

Bade and Smith greet the Paint Crew

The players celebrating the win with the Paint Crew


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