csd Flashback: 1/12/10 Purdue vs. Ohio State

With the big game coming up tomorrow I thought that I would take a look back at last year’s game at Mackey. I was taking a break from this site so there is no record of my night in Mackey. The first half of this game is one that I will remember for a long time to come. Robbie Hummel scored 29 points in the first half. He had just as many as the entire Ohio State team had. Purdue had a 41-29 lead at the break, and for once I left my seat at halftime to return the many calls I was getting from other Purdue fans going crazy. Continue reading


Michigan State Photo Gallery

As of this writing I have achieved a new single day high for views on this blog. Thank you so much! Here are some of the pictures that I liked from last nights game. I really had a blast last night, and I hope that Mackey will be rocking like that again this season.


Erin Andrews breaking the news on national tv that Robbie Hummel tore his ACL

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A Perfect End to a Great Day

Smooge doing his best Hulk Hogan impression as time expires

Last night I walked into Mackey which was already buzzing with a little buzz myself. I had already had a great day, and I was wondering how the game could top any of it. Of course it did. Let me just start off by saying how great the Paint Crew was yet again. They brought it all game, and thanks to a little prodding from the student body so did the alums. I noticed a sign right away in the Paint Crew that told the alums to stand up. The other side said applause. The sign seemed to work because the crowd was in the game the entire game. This was an electric atmosphere that stayed throughout the night. It may have been the loudest I have heard it since I started regularly coming to games in 2005. I know, the cat is out of the bag. Now you all know what a bandwagon fan that I am. They were coming off a 7-21 record when I bought my season tickets. They far and away surpassed that the following season when they had a 9-19 record. For some reason though I fell in love with that team that only won nine games. They played a brand of basketball that I really liked. They have quickly turned into a national powerhouse that leads to big days like yesterday. I was very proud to be a Boilermaker yesterday. Continue reading

College Gameday Comes to Purdue


The Gameday bus outside of Mackey Arena. I knocked on the door to see if Bob Knight was in there, but nobody answered.

This morning I had one of the best times I have ever had in Mackey Arena, and here wasn’t even a game going on. The College Gameday crew was in town with one notable exception. Bobby Knight was not at the taping. He crowd saved it’s venom for Digger instead. I got there a little late, but I did get to see Digger hitting the big drum. He did do a good job of winning over the crowd. I especially enjoyed watching the taped segment where he tried to find a road to Lafayette. The Paint Crew was great as usual. They really did a great job with their signs and enthusiasm. I had such a great time that I thought I would post a photo gallery when I get back to my laptop. I saw some great signs today including one with a picture I took on it. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Gameday Edition)


John Hart defending against Michigan State last year

Rece, Hubert, Digger, Bobby, and Jay all will be invading West Lafayette this weekend. This might just be the biggest game as far as atmosphere in this arena in a while. Fans will be up early watching the Gameday taping, and then have nothing else to do until the late tip. I imagine the alcohol will be flowing in that time frame. The crowd should be rocking by the time the game starts. I will be up bright and early making the two hour drive down to West Lafayette to see the taping of the show. I can’t wait to see how the fans treat Digger and Bobby. It is awesome that Mackey will be the focal point of the country this weekend. I have seen the football show in person a few times, but never the basketball version. I am generally excited for tomorrow. I don’t plan on sitting with the main crowd to be on TV. I want to be on the other side so that I can see it all go down. I am sure that I will have a few pictures. If I have time I will try and post them in between the show and the game. I am sure there will be quite a few good signs and sights to warrant a post just for the show.

Speaking of the show I have seen the short teasers for it. Do they have to dwell on Robbie getting injured? It has been months now since the injury. Is the “Worldwide leader” that far behind that this is still the leading news story from the game? How about a battle between teams for position in the Big Ten? How about a guy named E’Twaun Moore? Even more how about the guy that has been carrying them lately, JaJuan Johnson? No matter what I hope that they do at least some research to see that there are more last names rather than Johnson. Just get the names right guys. The other guys who have done games this year have really messed that up. The content of the show tomorrow should be interesting. Continue reading