Perkins Leads Sweep of Hoosiers

Since I was in town I decided to attend the finale of the Boilers series against Indiana. I was not disappointed as they won in a rout 14-5. This was the first series sweep for the Boilers of the Hoosiers since 1997. It is pretty nice to be on the right side of history like that. It was also the 30th win of the season for Purdue. More importantly it kept the Boilers in a tie for first place in the Big Ten with Michigan State. Both teams will square off next weekend in East Lansing in what should be a great showdown. Even with the high price of gas I may have to try and get to at least one of those games.

Today was another game in which the wind played a factor, but in a different way. Instead of blowing in, it was blowing out to left field. If you could get the ball in the air it had a shot at going out. Once again the strong wind made for some interesting plays in the field. The players were battling the sun and the wind, and it was not always pretty how it turned out.

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Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 2

Although the second half did not turn out as I would have hoped here are the pictures from the final two plus quarters of Saturday’s game.

A Ben Chappell fumble lays on the ground. Albert Evans recovered the ball, but the play was overturned

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Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 1

Since it was the last game in a Purdue uniform for some of the seniors I decided to make this photo gallery a little bit bigger. Today is part one with pictures from the first half of the Saturday’s contest. Tomorrow I will post the second half photo gallery.

Seniors Ryan Kerrigan, Dan Dierking, Jason Werner, and Kyle Adams at the pre game coin toss

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In Honor of the Bucket Game

Here is a short video shot at the basketball game last night. I think that it only fitting that I post it during Indiana week. By the way today is the third time in the past week that this site has broken the record for visits in day. Thanks to everyone for coming to visit the site.

College Football Weekly Wrap (Week 8 Edition)

Once again I am back to offer up some thoughts on the games that I did not see in person last week. Through the magic of DVR I was able to watch a few games from around the country. As usual here are my thoughts on the week that was: