Stabbed in the Heart

Drey Mingo in the layup line before the second half

That is how I felt as I left Mackey Arena yesterday. I knew that the women’s game would not come close to topping the men’s game. 14,123 screaming fans that unofficially hit 119 db would be hard to beat. The women’s game two hours late did draw almost 10,000 fans according to the box score. By the end of the game I was probably more into the game than I was the men’s game. The Ohio State girls have such attitudes that you can’t help but hate them. If they are that cocky and at the top of the league I could understand it, but they were fighting to not go to .500 in league play. I think that attitude comes back to bite them sometimes. Continue reading


E’Twaun Gives the Buckeyes Moore Then They Can Handle


E'Twaun lifting for the shot

On a day when we expected to see E’Twaun Moore eclipse the 2,000 point mark he did much more than that. Before the game I tweeted that instead of 2,000 I wanted to see him go over 2,025 points. I was joking more than anything because that would be a 36 point night. He does not do that every night let alone against the #2 team in the country. It turns out he didn’t get 36, he scored 38 points. As crazy as it sounds it was not a selfish 38. He had chances to pad that total, but he really is a team player. He is fun to watch play for sure. He took over the game when his team needed him the most. He has fallen off a bit of late. That is not to say that he has not been playing well, but his teammate JaJuan Johnson has been playing better. With Purdue struggling to stay even with Ohio State E’Twaun seemed to say enough. He scored the final 13 points of the first half to give Purdue a lead that they would never give up. Continue reading

Leaders and Legends

Since shortly after Nebraska joined the Big Ten we knew that there would be two divisions. We also knew what teams were in each division. One thing that we didn’t know though was the name of each division. Today the names were announced at a press conference held at noon. Since I was snowed in with the authorities writing tickets for being on the road I had nothing better to do than to watch the press conference and then post about it. The announcement did not seem to go over too well through the few people I saw comment about it via the social networks. I think that over time people will get used to some of these ideas. After the Wrigley debacle though they had to be nervous about how the public would take this decision. No new rule changes were announced during the half hour show. So far all games next season will feature teams switching sids at the quarters and playing both ways. Continue reading

College Football Weekly Wrap (Week 8 Edition)

Once again I am back to offer up some thoughts on the games that I did not see in person last week. Through the magic of DVR I was able to watch a few games from around the country. As usual here are my thoughts on the week that was: