College Football Weekly Wrap (Week 8 Edition)

Once again I am back to offer up some thoughts on the games that I did not see in person last week. Through the magic of DVR I was able to watch a few games from around the country. As usual here are my thoughts on the week that was:

  • Once again the #1 team goes down for the third week in a row
  • Once again College Gameday was there for the third week in a row(is there a curse brewing?)
  • I loved UCLA’s uniforms. They reminded me of a mix between the last two Purdue Rose Bowl uniforms (1967 and 2001). The uniforms were the only two positives on the night for the Bruins
  • How many Ducks fans were cringing when James was helped off the field?
  • Turned the Oregon/UCLA game off at the half because it was out of hand
  • Jake Locker threw a beautiful pass for Washington’s first touchdown
  • I taped the game to watch Locker, but kept it on to watch Arizona’s coach Mike Stoops
  • Stoops was very fun to watch because he was so animated. He had to be restrained from the side judge as he was trying to prove a point
  • Locker was dinged up and consequently is falling down the Possum list
  • Cam Newton is the early favorite for the Possum. He set the single season rushing record in the SEC for a quarterback
  • He also had a beautiful run for a touchdown that combined speed, power, and finesse. We saw the run live as we were waiting to enter the Ferris State Hockey game Saturday night
  • Ohio State ran all over the Boilers Saturday 49-0
  • The only positive was Kerrigan who had 3.5 more tackles for loss including another Pryor sack.
  • His pressure of Pryor led to the Lucas interception
  • Purdue’s third string quarterback Rob Henry had to leave the game with a finger laceration.
  • He was replaced by true Freshman Sean Robinson who was expected to redshirt, and was probably at least #5 on the pre-season quarterback depth chart
  • One positive from the game is that Purdue only lost 7-0 in the second half
  • Michael Floyd was supposedly only available in an emergency Saturday for Notre Dame. They were never close enough to use him
  • Alexander Teich was unstoppable. He rushed for over 200 yards on the day. Remember he is the backup fullback.
  • A Crist to Jones pass brought the Irish to 14-10, but they would never get any closer on the day
  • Navy set the tone early stopping Notre Dame on the goalline, then driving 99 yards for the score
  • Teich accounted for 90 of those 99 yards
  • This is the third time in the last four years that the Irish have lost to Navy, and two years in a row. Remember when the talk was always the streak that Notre Dame had over Navy?
  • Bob Greise had some gems during the Michigan State game this week regarding third downs. Here are a couple
  • “You’ve got to convert on third downs to keep the football.”
  • “Converting third downs is a lot easier if it’s third and five…or four..and three…third and short rather than third and long.”
  • At what point of the season will teams be looking for the fake against Michigan State? Hey guys, they like to run fakes.
  • The fake punt was followed immediately by a touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins to bring MSU to within a field goal.
  • The MSU defense really came alive in the fourth quarter
  • The announcer quote of the week had to go to Steve Martin (not the actor/comedian/banjo player) who said “Of course Michael Vick at 21-1 was pretty doggone good.” He was comparing Vick’s record to current Tech quarterback Tyrod Thomas, but inadvertently brought up the dog issues.
  • I tuned into the Tech game against Duke because I heard about the quote, but stayed to watch more of it because Tyrod Thomas looked so good.
  • Northwestern had a 17-0 lead before allowing State to climb back into the game.
  • Part of Iowa’s first half sucess was holding Wisconsin’s rushing attack to two yards in the second quarter
  • Matt Millen may be a better GM than announcer
  • Iowa has PAT blocked, and then a chip shot field goal ruined by a bad snap and hold. Both of those loom large when you lose by one
  • John Clay is a beast. He is the kind of guy that you want near the end zone. His plunge on 4th and 1 for a touchdown was huge
  • On the other side of that DJK (Derrel Johnson-Koulianos) for Iowa is amazing
  • DJK made a beautiful catch on the sidelines getting both feet in when you only need one. That catch tied him for most catches all time at Iowa
  • Very gutsy call deep in your own territory to call that punt fake. How many times did we see that play this weekend? Thursday night, then Saturday, and then the Browns ran it Sunday. I guess the Saints weren’t watching football at all
  • Wisconsin wins the game on a great stretch by Montee Ball for the winning score. He looked like he would be down before the goal line, but exhibited great effort to score
  • This was a great football game that was the kind of back and forth affair that you want to watch. Two sluggers going toe to toe.
  • Calling time out instead of just spiking the ball might have cost Iowa the game though
  • The Heartland Trophy will stay in Madison for at least three years because the two teams have a two year hiatus.
  • The Governor’s Victory Bell is Penn State’s once again
  • Da’Jon McKnight made two nice catches for scores yet again. He might be the one good offensive player on that team
  • Adam Weber became just the fifth player in Big Ten history to eclipse the 10,000 yard passing mark. His team is still 1-7
  • Rob Bolden was hurt in the process of gaining the win. Of course nothing compares to Purdue’s woes at QB
  • Will Minnesota win again? They are 1-7 and not looking good
  • 20 seconds into the IU game Chappell throws a pick that should have been returned for six. The DB stepped out though, and the Illini had to settle for 3
  • Chappell threw two pick sixes later in the day though
  • Indiana was actually up 7-3 at one point, but couldn’t get much going after that. They had to settle for field goals instead of getting touchdowns
  • Illinois had two straight punt blocks during the game. The second of which finished a weird series that saw a punt block by Illinois, a fumble on Illinois first play from scrimmage, and then a second punt block that resulted in a safety
  • The play that epitomized IU’s day had to be the nice throw by Chappell to one of his receivers that was broken up by the goalposts
  • Illinoiis quarterback Nate Scheelhaase has some nice moves to go along with his arm. The Boilers will have trouble containing him Saturday

Last week I went 8-2 again. That seems to be what I am capable of during the conference season. The two games I lost I thought were locks. I really thought that Notre Dame would roll Navy, and I thought that Missouri was no match for Oklahoma. I was way wrong on both points. Here is how I did last week. As usual the actual score is in parenthesis.

  • #7 Michigan State 35 (35) – Northwestern 28 (27)
  • #10 Ohio State 42 (49) – Purdue 27 (0)
  • #16 Nebraska 30 (51) – #14 Oklahoma State 27 (41)
  • #13 Wisconsin 23 (31) – #15 Iowa 21 (30)
  • Penn State 24 (33) – Minnesota 19 (21)
  • Illinois 17 (43) – Indiana 10 (13)
  • Notre Dame 31 (17) – Navy 16 (35)
  • #4 Auburn 38 (24) – #6 LSU 35 (17)
  • #1 Oklahoma 35 (27) – #11 Missouri 23 (36)
  • #1 Grand Valley State 41 (41) – Ferris State 26 (0)

The fight for the Possum Trophy (The poor man’s version of the Heisman) may be over. Last week I was only able to watch about a quarter of the Auburn game live, but Cam Newton may have sewn up the trophy early. Here is how I see the top five of the Possum Trophy right now:

  1. Cam Newton (Auburn)
  2. Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue)
  3. Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State)
  4. John Clay (Wisconsin)
  5. Derrell Johnson-Koulinanos (Iowa)

Well that is it for this week’s wrap up. Next week their are some interesting games that will help decide who goes to a bowl in the Big Ten. It should be a fun week to watch football.


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