Notre Dame Men’s Basketball vs. Chicago State Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from the game Wednesday night in South Bend. My seats were not the best for shooting, but you make do with what you have.

Chicago State guard Steve Martin Jr. Hearing the name and seeing the player suddenly makes the movie 'the Jerk' make a lot more sense

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No Martin, No Problem

Ben Hansbrough can shoot the three ball

I had nothing to do last night. I let my brother have my ticket to the Purdue game against Alcorn State so I had a boring night ahead. Then I saw that Notre Dame was playing basketball ball, and decided to go and see how Scott Martin is doing. On my way to the ticket window I was asked if I just needed one by a group of three. I said yes, and they gave me a ticket to get in. This is the fourth straight time I have gotten into the Joyce Center for free. What makes it even better is that the seats were eight rows back at center court. The downside of being eight rows back and center court is that you don’t have a really good angle for pictures. Every shot seemed to have a head in it somewhere.  Continue reading

College Football Weekly Wrap (Week 8 Edition)

Once again I am back to offer up some thoughts on the games that I did not see in person last week. Through the magic of DVR I was able to watch a few games from around the country. As usual here are my thoughts on the week that was: