Purdue vs. Notre Dame Photo Gallery

It has been a while since I posted a gallery separate from a post. I had such a cool seat at the end of the game though that I decided to post a few more pictures that did not make the cut of the post. I would normally have cut this post in half, but I decided to have just one long post.

Despite a course full of cars some golfers decided to tee it up anyway

A panoramic view of the field just before the teams entered

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Notre Dame Leaps and Bounds Better Than Purdue

Cierre Wood goes high over Ricardo Allen

Last night in West Lafayette we saw two teams headed in different directions. Notre Dame started the season off slow with turnovers digging them an early 0-2 hole. Two strong wins got them going in the right direction. Purdue came into the game 2-1, but with a lot of doubts as to how good the team really was. I heard a lot of talk over the past two weeks about how this game would tell how good Purdue really was. I guess we found out. Continue reading

College Football Weekly Wrap (Week 8 Edition)

Once again I am back to offer up some thoughts on the games that I did not see in person last week. Through the magic of DVR I was able to watch a few games from around the country. As usual here are my thoughts on the week that was: